Hey there, I'm Les!

Let me help you get from where you are to where you want to be to improve your overall quality of life starting with a Five Week Private Coaching Program

Five Week Program Includes:

  • Weekly one-on-one recorded video calls 75-90 minutes each 
  • Get a personalized movement program developed 
  • Learn foundational concepts around the relationships between lifestyle practices and your sense of well being
  • Identify goals based on how you desire to show up in the world
  • Explore options and application ideas regarding components of mindset, movement, nutrition, and recovery

1st week

  • Get to know Les
  • Teach Les about your current lifestyle habits
  • Receive a custom short movement practice based on your level and condition that can be used daily, or to prepare for other exercise 
  • Identify low hanging fruit in the categories of mindset, nutrition, and recovery 
  • Explore optional appropriate interventions

2nd week

  • Review prior week's call and troubleshoot if necessary
  • Build on the process and strategies
  • Add appropriate progressions to your movement practice 
  • Continue adjusting mindset, nutrition, and recovery as necessary

Weeks 3-5

  • Access usefulness of prior weeks strategies
  • Continue to engage in the process 
  • The majority of the time will be spent on the development of the movement practice, adding additional qualities and exercises to the program

Upon completion

  • There is no completion silly
  • Life is a dance - keep dancing!
  • You have now done the work
  • You have altered your course for ever
  • It is your practice now
  • Enjoy your practice!
  • Check back in the future if you need any course adjustments

Space and Equipment Recommendations

  • Enough floor space to lay down with arms overhead, and out to the sides
  • Any available equipment you have regular access to
  • A willingness to make a change and try something new

Who is this for?

  • Someone who is open minded to new ideas and new ways of being
  • Someone who is willing to invest time and thoughtfulness into the areas of their life that culminate in the way you currently know yourself 
  • Someone who is willing to interact with the direction their transformation undergoes
  • Someone ready to embrace a process based growth strategy

Who is this not for?

  • Someone who feels like a victim and believes their life situation is out of their control
  • Someone who is not interested in learning a new perspective
  • Someone who is not ready to engage in making changes to daily habits 



5-Week Program

  • 5 Weekly one-on-one recorded video calls 90 minutes each 
  • Movement preparation program
  • Personalized movement program
  • Lifestyle interventions for movement, mindset, nutrition, and recovery
Make a Change NOW

All The Tools and Support You Need Create a Healthy Lifestyle

Subtle shifts in mindset, nutrition, movement, and recover to make big improvements in your overall wellbeing.