21 Day Mini Course:

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Join Sara Raymond from the Mindful Movement for this 21 day mini course: Hypnotherapy to gain freedom from anxiety and reprogram your beliefs.



If you experience anxiety or worry, this mini course is for you.

It is for anyone who is ready to make a change and release the grip of anxiety.


This includes a lesson about how the mind works, two hypnosis sections, self-inquiry work, and a powerful hypnosis recording that is yours to keep and listen to for at least 21 consecutive days following your completion of the course.


Start TODAY!  After you commit to taking this step to gain freedom from anxiety, you will be emailed access to the course immediately!

This was recorded live and edited to become a mini course that you can do on your own.  


Develop New Powerful Beliefs

By uncovering the unconscious beliefs you have about yourself that are causing anxiety, you can let them go.  

This gives you the power to create new, more powerful beliefs and gain freedom from anxiety.

Make Permanent Changes

By changing the belief that causes anxiety, you can make a powerful, permanent transformation to gain freedom from anxiety.


I've been doing much better and have really benefitted from our last session and listening to the audio every day.  I've been enjoying a more relaxed state of being since our session.


I have been listening to my recording everyday so far and look forward to it.  I have noticed already a profound difference.  I had an experience the other day, where I decided to join some friends for dinner outside.  I haven't felt so light hearted for a long time! 


Thank you again Sara for today! You have re energized my spirit! It was a wonderful experience.

Are you ready to gain freedom from anxiety?

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety


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Release Your Fear

Gain freedom from anxiety and dread as we reprogram your beliefs to live a life of freedom, relaxation & peace

Get Freedom from Anxiety