Ignite Your Inner Healer

21 Day Mini Course:

Hypnotherapy for Self-Healing

Rewire and reprogram your mind for powerful self-healing so that you can release negative thought cycles and unwanted behaviors, process your emotions effectively, and choose healthy options easily.


Does this sound like you?

I get into negative thought cycles of worry that lead to unwanted behaviors to cope with the stress. 

I am exhausted by the suffering due to chronic illness or emotional destress.

I feel overwhelmed and overstressed and can't seem to dig myself out of this funk.

I can't seem to change anything for the positive in my life. 

I want my life back!

YES? Then...It's time to reprogram your mind!

How this Program Works:

Set aside 2-2 1/2 hours to go through this workshop on your own.

During this time, Sara will guide your subconscious to show you the limiting beliefs.

These past beliefs that are the root cause of the presenting issue you are experiencing.

By understanding how the mind works and how you developed your beliefs, you become armed with the perfect tool to make a change.

How it works:

  • Learn how beliefs may be holding on to illness
  • Learn how the mind works give yourself healing instructions
  • Uncover and release outdated, limiting beliefs with the first guided hypnosis 
  • Use a healthy version of your body to rewire your mind for health
  • Plant the new beliefs by listening to the transformational recording for at least 21 consecutive days
Yes, I Want My Life Back!

Your Words, Thoughts, and Beliefs

These are the key to forming a positive partnership to support your healing.  

The following two statements are received very differently by your mind and therefore have a different physical response in your body:

"I am dying under the pressure of this job."

"This job is challenging, and I know I can do it successfully."

Make Permanent Changes

By understanding why you are using the negative and harmful words, thoughts, and beliefs, you gain the power to make a change.

This is a powerful first step to getting your life back!


I've been doing much better and have really benefitted from our last session and listening to the audio every day.  I've been enjoying a more relaxed state of being since our session.


I have been listening to my recording everyday so far and look forward to it.  I have noticed already a profound difference.  I had an experience the other day, where I decided to join some friends for dinner outside.  I haven't felt so light hearted for a long time! 


Thank you again Sara for today! You have re energized my spirit! It was a wonderful experience.

Are you ready to take this important step on your HEALING journey?

Hypnotherapy for Self-Healing


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Re-wire Your Mind

Remove unwanted thoughts & behaviors so you can process your emotions easily & create a healthy lifestyle you deserve

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