Build Unshakable Self-Worth

The Inside-Out Approach to fulfillment in your life, no matter the details
  • Gain an understanding of your Nervous System’s protective patterns
  • Let go of old patterns of people pleasing
  • Finally start prioritizing yourself without feeling guilty or selfish
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Recognizing your self-worth is actually within you, may seem like a foreign idea... idea that isn’t true for you, but I am here to tell you, you have all the resources you need within yourself to experience the joy, freedom, and fulfillment you desire.

I know it’s hard to let go of people-pleasing.  I know it feels selfish to prioritize yourself and take care of your needs.  I know about the inner critic in your head saying you aren’t good enough.

So, I know it’s hard to believe you are worth prioritizing, your needs are worth speaking up for, and you don’t have to keep the peace and make everyone else happy.

What is it costing you to continue pleasing everyone else?

What is it costing you to let the inner critic run the show?

This self-paced course will give you the tools and strategies you need to give up people-pleasing and reframe your relationship with the inner critic, all from the comfort of your own home:

Hypnotherapy can be the tool you need to uncover how this protective strategy first started so you can understand how to meet this need in a new way.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) allows you to then, reprogram your mind and repattern your behaviors to embody the unshakable self-worth and confidence you have within you.

Your body holds on to memories and emotions and needs to be released in order to evolve or change shape. Somatics is the method to help you through this process.

Finally, understanding how to set and uphold effective boundaries for yourself will allow you to continue protecting the version of yourself you wish to become.

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It’s easy to feel that something’s wrong with you when you recognize these behaviors and patterns.

You might even start thinking that you need to be fixed and that what you desire isn’t available to you.

Every day in my hypnotherapy and coaching sessions, I help people just like you evolve into the person they want to be.  A combination of hypnotherapy, NLP, somatics, and setting boundaries is one of the best ways to be the highest version of yourself.

Special Bonuses to Support your Self-Worth:

Self-worth meditation recording download

Confidence sleep meditation recording download

Lifetime Access to the course material

Use a powerful hypnosis recording after the workshop to solidify and embody the new beliefs.

In this self-paced course, I’ll guide you through all of the steps necessary to help you make the huge internal shift to unwavering self-worth and confidence. I’ll also provide you with a hypnosis recording to listen to daily after the workshop to solidify and integrate the internal shift you’ll create for yourself. 

From the comfort of your own home, enjoy this powerful process today!
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