Posted on Jun 02, 2021

“If you don’t change the direction you are going, then you’re likely to end up where you’re heading.” – John Maxwell

We all Want Change (even if we resist change)

Most of us want to make our lives better, more fulfilling, and easier. We want to feel more confident, have more choices, and make clear decisions about the present and the future.  We want to be able to stick to healthy habits we choose.

If we’re struggling with depression and anxiety, those symptoms can feel mild to crippling, and it’d be such a relief to move through each day with fewer spinning thoughts, fear, and uncertainty.

It’d be so wonderful if there were a magic pill we could all take to handle every little thing that gets us down or sends us into obsessive worry or self-doubt each day!

The “magic pill” we seek, though, is most often a practice we do regularly that calms us and helps us to notice where we have choice, agency, and power as well as when we need to “just let go” in surrender, trusting that the solutions we seek will find us somehow.

Change is not always EASY

A practice that includes mindfulness (the ability to self-reflect, observe our thoughts, and gently redirect them) and body movement may very well be the “magic pill” that can offer the most relief. While I say “magic pill,” it is an ongoing, and sometimes challenging, practice rather than a one-time, quick fix.

But how do you begin such a method, and how do you stick with it when you’ve tried and failed at many new behaviors in the past?  You get help from trustworthy guides that have walked a similar path, that’s how.

The Mindful Movement Can Help

Therefore, we have created the FREE 21 Day Movement and Meditation Commitment. We believe positive change is possible. We have experienced it ourselves and seen amazing transformations in our clients as well.

When you join the (Free) 21 Day Movement and Meditation Commitment, you’ll get:

  • A daily meditation and movement session you can practice whenever you choose
  • Guidance on how motivation works in our brains, and how to tap into the internal and external nudges we all need to keep practicing new habits
  • A release from perfection: it’s okay if you miss a day or two as you’re learning how to make this change in your life
  • Support and accountability to rewire your schedule, so you can put yourself at the top of your priority list without guilt or shame

Here’s what you can begin to feel as you move through our time together:

  • Better, more restful sleep (which helps you greet each day with energy and readiness instead of pushing through relentless brain fatigue and fog)
  • Calmer thoughts (so you can think clearly with less fear and anxiety)
  • Self-observance (so you can notice more quickly when you begin to feel “off” and take steps to gently self-correct or self-regulate your nervous system)
  • More self-confidence (so you can make decisions that help you and those around you each week to create the life you love)

An Invitation for YOU!

Even if you have tried to start a positive habit of consistent movement or meditation and have fallen off track, I invite you to curiously explore the process for yourself and join The Mindful Movement’s 21-day move and meditate commitment today.

The details:

  • Registration is ongoing—Start today!
  • Upon registration, you will receive an informational email to help you get prepared for this experience and set you up for success.
  • The next day, you will receive your first practice in an email.
  • Receive daily emails with a movement and a meditation practice. These will be gentle practices to restore energy, reduce stress, and build self-worth with consistency.  Please practice what’s right for you.
  • Twice a week during this 21 days, the daily email will consist of extra support and motivation to help keep you on track.
  • I encourage you to join the Facebook Group for community support during and after the experience.

If you are looking for more motivation, check out these two articles:

The best news? This 21 Day Movement and Meditation Commitment is completely free, and a wonderful way to discover a practice that can light you up, improve your outlook, and decrease your fear and uncertainty + depression or anxiety symptoms.

Getting started is simple at this LINK. Les and I are excited to share what’s possible for you when you carve out 45 minutes for yourself each day (some days more, some days less.) We’ve seen our participants make remarkable changes in their lives when they begin to put themselves first (even if at first it feels uncomfortable.)

You can do this, imperfectly--humanly, for 21 Days. We’ll support you every step of the way.

With love and gratitude,

Sara and Les

The Mindful Movement

PS: Remember to begin HERE to unlock 21 Days of Movement and Meditation and all the feel-good benefits you can have as a result.

“If your habits don’t line up with your dream, then you need to either change your habits or change your dream.” ~John Maxwell