Posted on Sep 01, 2021

"This is something I will beat--I will overcome!" ~Hypnotherapy Client, Allison

There’s nothing better than hearing my clients talk about how Hypnotherapy helped them manage their symptoms, pain, or challenges. 

Have a look at how a Healing Hypnotherapy session helped our recent client Allison overcome the insomnia she was experiencing. (Chronic sleep loss is a form of pain, BTW, it affects every element of our lives--just like chronic physical pain does.)

In summary, Allison had this to say about her healing, relaxing experience with me:

“I’m calmer, more relaxed, and in a better place with my thoughts. My sleep has improved and continues to get better--I feel more “solid” in knowing who I am, knowing that I can overcome this challenge, and I feel more confident as well. It’s a process and I’m not 100% beyond my sleep struggles, but it’s better and my coping skills have improved! What I gained was on a different level of relief--perhaps the strongest one.”

Often times insomnia or other unwanted issues feel like something we need to resist or fight, which can create a layer of unnecessary suffering in addition to the suffering of the issue itself.  It can create a negative thought cycle that has you constantly thinking about that which you do not want, perhaps causing it to stick around.

With hypnotherapy, we uncover the cause of the issue so you can release its grasp on you.  An individual session is extremely powerful in making a transformation, as Allison mentioned, and a group session is often a more accessible way to get started if 1:1 isn't available.

That’s why I’m thrilled to bring you our Healing Hypnotherapy Workshop on September 9th. 

Grab your spot HERE and begin to explore and rewire your relationship to pain (and all the life areas affected by this *special* type of suffering--including sleep!) 

In this proven healing, pain and suffering-reducing methodology, I'll guide you toward a calmer mind-scape so that you connect more deeply to your body’s messages and dial down your experience of painful physical sensations.

PS: I hope you’ll join us to begin experiencing relief in our Healing Hypnotherapy Workshop on September 9th. Here’s the link--I can’t wait to welcome you to more relief and less discomfort--all with the help of your brilliant mind as a calming and healing force in your life.

--Sara and Les

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