Posted on Jan 26, 2022

My clients always surprise me. They often come in looking like they have it all together on the outside. 

But I quickly discover the reason they sought me out is that there is a heartbreaking disconnect between what OTHER people see and what they experience on the inside. 

Take my recent client, Natasha* (Name changed, but her story is the real deal–and many people share versions of it–can you relate?)

Natasha came to see me feeling stuck in an emotional vortex of unworthiness. She worked (successfully) in the financial industry, and had recently experienced two deep losses–a marriage and later, another long-term relationship.

At 43 and a single parent of 2 kids, Natasha wanted MORE for her life–to fulfill her calling on several levels: professional and financial milestones, plus publishing a book she felt profoundly called to write.

Even amid these lofty (and possible!) aspirations, she could NOT leap from logically seeing her many accomplishments, talents, and gifts, to FEELING them at heart. She deeply desired love, success, and financial freedom yet she shared with me the feeling of an intangible barrier or ceiling that was stopping her from moving forward towards those desires.

There was a deep separation between her doing the things and allowing herself to FEEL the effects of them–the sense of accomplishment, pride, confidence, or trust that she deserved to enjoy after all her hard work. It was as if all that she truly wanted was just out of reach.  She could see the desired outcomes, but just couldn't get to them.  And she was working very hard, trying all that she could to get there.

That head-heart split was a heartbreaking place for her to reside. 

In her private hypnotherapy session with me, we uncovered the age and event at which that big divide began opening up: She was only 5 years old. 

Though she asked me to keep the details of that event confidential, she came away from it with the hard-core belief that her voice didn’t matter, and that it wasn’t okay to BE herself and BE VISIBLE just as she was.  Deep down (and unknowingly in her adult rational mind) she believed she was UNWORTHY of having what she wanted.

Those deep self-beliefs had followed her right up until our session. Once we uncovered them, she wanted to learn to let them go. Here’s what we did next.

As she finally understood those negative messages are no longer true, she could begin to call them out as they came up, and repattern her mindset. Her little inner child needed to experience some love and healing so she could see that her voice DOES matter, it IS ok to be herself and be visible, and she absolutely is WORTHY!

It turned out that the “protective” part of her psyche was using poor self-confidence and self-worth to keep her emotionally safe. In other words, if no one ever SAW her, they couldn’t HURT her either. 

After this pivotal revelation, Natasha invited the protecting part of herself to become a golden inner shining light to show her beauty and positive qualities outwardly–with less fear and foreboding.

After the session, she continued to increase her inner messaging of awareness, love, and forgiveness. 

She listens to her personalized recording daily and keeps moving toward what she wants: A healthy partnership, financial milestones, visible inner and outer beauty, plus the worthiness and confidence to take it all in with joy and gratitude–not dread or fear. 

Although Natasha still experiences a bit of resistance to being seen and having success, she has the tools to inquire and understand what's happening below the surface of that protective resisting to her healing.  And she continues to move forward towards her desired outcomes, open to the possibilities.

If you can relate to Natasha’s journey, perhaps it’s a good time for us to chat. I have available appointments for several more private clients, and I’d love to hear your story.

Reach out to me if you’re ready to explore the results of hypnotherapy in your life in 2022!

Sara and Les

The Mindful Movement

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