Posted on Sep 08, 2020

“Everything is within your power, and your power is within you.”

― Janice Trachtman

September 2020 marks the sixth month since what we previously knew as normal life has changed.  Since this shift began in March, it has had a tremendous impact on all our lives and seems as if it will continue to do so for some time. While we’ve been doing the best we can to cope with our ever changing situations since then, it’s safe to say that the shutdown has created some burnout or anxiety in all of us. Additionally, it is time to start asking ourselves what we can do to increase our health and well being so we aren’t living in fear.  Check out these strategies and mindfulness tips we’ve been using to promote self-healing amidst this period of uncertainty.

Focused Meditation with Healing in Mind

I will start here, because meditation is what we do best at the Mindful Movement.  Sometimes, it can be easy to forget that our body has built-in ways to heal. External factors certainly play a large role in healing, but meditation is an immensely powerful tool that we can use to be our own healer. The healing thoughts from meditation also encourage amazing health and vitality throughout periods of uncertainty.  This week’s practice is designed to harness your own energy and develop the self-healing ability that you are born with.   Additionally, we have an entire playlist of healing practices.

Develop a Healing Mindset

A healing mindset is a key tool for remaining calm and mindful throughout difficult situations. There are many ways to go about developing your own healing mindset, like reciting positive affirmations in the present tense throughout your day. Be sure to emphasize and embody each word and especially the feelings of your positive affirmations.  Visualization is another great way to shift toward a healing mindset. If you are feeling weighed down, visualize yourself fully healed and unburdened. When doing so, create a scene involving all your senses for full immersion. Both methods are great ways to promote self-healing by changing your day-to-day thought processes.  Les discusses the ability to be your own healer in this great Mindful Tip.

Don’t Take Too Much In

These days, we have constant access to the latest news at our fingertips. We are truly fortunate to have such easy access to key updates from local and state authorities, however, this access can lead to being overexposed quickly. At a certain point, we benefit from monitoring and minimizing the information we take in. Often, turning off potentially frightening or anxiety triggering news and focusing on what is within our own control allows us to shift to a much more positive mindset. This might look like turning off the news and practicing intentional breathing for 5 minutes.  Les shares the relaxing technique of humming in this mindful tip.

Additionally, getting the information swirling around in your mind out onto paper by journaling is a powerful tool.  Journaling has the potential to calm an overactive mind and process challenging feelings.  If you don’t care for writing, perhaps sharing your thoughts with a trusted friend or therapist would be a beneficial alternative. Or try this meditation for dealing with difficult emotions.

Heal with Sound

There are also various forms of sound you can turn to for healing as a practice. Playing an instrument, humming (as mentioned above) or singing are great ways to incorporate healing sounds into your daily routine. Listening to music also has plenty of healing benefits. In a 2019 study, the British Academy of Sound Therapy suggested that “11 minutes being the most common amount of time it took for people to receive the therapeutic benefit from their self-selected music preferences. The only exception was the domain of happiness where the most common length of time for people to become happier after listening to their chosen music was reduced to 5 minutes, suggesting that happy music takes less time to take effect than other music.”  Perhaps you might find some effective playlists for sparking joy on Apple Music or Spotify.

Connect with Those Who Are Important to Us

The current uncertain times have introduced a lot of panic throughout the world. However, the way we are living now has created some unique opportunities as well. Perhaps it has introduced more free time, less time in your car, and more time at home. If you are among those with newfound daily routines and possibly extra time, consider scheduling some time to reconnect to those who are important to you. Connecting with people who are coping with the same situation can be very refreshing, healing and reassuring. Keep your conversations light, focusing on what is good and discuss how you can support one another.

Spend Time Practicing Movement and Getting Outdoors

Spending time moving and getting outdoors in various forms can be very healing. While vigorous exercise might have been a beneficial way to release extra energy in the past, it can potentially be an additional and unwanted stressors right now.  Seek out forms of exercise that allow you to stay in a calm state, not stressing your nervous system.  Depending on where you live, traffic levels are likely much lower than usual. Going for a walk to enjoy all the lovely sights, sounds and scents outdoors is a very refreshing way to pass the time. Getting your daily dose of vitamin d from the sun is extremely important for your health as well.  If you are looking for gentle movement practices, check out this playlist.

Catch Up on Old Hobbies

In the past, it might have been hard to find time to do your favorite creative activities and hobbies. Now may be a perfect opportunity to rekindle old hobbies or explore new ones. Whether its crafting, gardening, baking or any other engaging activity, there is nothing better for maintaining a healthy mindset than keeping those creative juices flowing.

Self-healing with The Mindful Movement

The Mindful Movement is an oasis where you can come to tap into inner peace, a positive mindset and your own ability for healing. If you are interested in practicing meditation, dive into the world of mindfulness and meditation with our video series and podcast episodes.

Here is this week's Morning Meditation for Self-Healing:


Additionally, to really get to the root of an issue you want to change and begin transforming the beliefs that drive your behaviors, schedule a hypnotherapy session with me.  Here is more information about the method I practice called Rapid Transformational Therapy.

If you are looking to dive into the world of meditation in 2020, a great starting point is our 4-Day Meditation Journey. This free program is a great resource for beginners and those looking to step back into the practice of meditation.

The Mindful Movement’s 5-week online course, Living Fulfilled is another great opportunity.  During the course, you will explore how to find your purpose, love yourself, and connect with your authentic self.

Let us know how we can help.  Please feel to leave a comment with any other suggestions, comments, or questions for the community!

With love and gratitude,

Sara and Les

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