Posted on May 03, 2023

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.” –Henri Bergson

Life Gets Easier when you Accept Reality

Listen. Changing your life intentionally is not for the faint of heart. And yet many people still find ways to set down habits, adopt new behaviors, and transform their emotional landscapes for greater joy, contentment, relief…you name it.

As you get more into the “change” pathway, you begin to realize a crucial concept: You understand that you are always “becoming” and there is never really a “there” in your quest for something different.

Plus, as you gain more practice in living with purpose and intentionality, another element rises up: 

That what you want often comes to you only when you release the idea that you somehow need it to fulfill a mismatched yearning. And sometimes getting to that place of clarifying what you really DO want and WHY requires a little help—especially if you feel stuck, sad, or like you're in a deep slog of immobility.

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Why Going Deep is Necessary for Change to Keep Finding YOU

In any intentional change process, getting under the surface of your desires is how you begin to magnetize the life you want. Once you know what’s driving your desires and whether it’s a motivation that will truly get you where you want to go, the actions you must take are much easier to enact.

Let’s talk about an issue that comes up for some of my clients: 

Body confidence and weight loss. 

Many people—especially women—have suffered under the belief that their bodies are “too…” something. Too large, too curvy, too thin, too short, too tall, too big, too squishy, too muscular. 

And that if they can just find a “perfect” number on the scale, or the "perfect" size clothing, they’ll *finally* get to experience what they’ve always *really* wanted:

  • Acceptance
  • Belonging
  • Desirability
  • Visibility
  • Recognition
  • Energy
  • Motivation

It’s paramount to note that NONE of these desires have anything to do with how big, small, curvy, or lean a person is. Plus, the STRESS of dieting, judgement, or “not being good enough” is as detrimental to your goals as eating non-nourishing foods and never moving your body.

I'll personally raise my hand to having the experience of feeling the stress of self-judgement of my body.  I've made a lot of progress in this area, but it was a struggle for quite some time.

The thing is, even if you DO reach a weight or size that initially seem acceptable to you and you STILL don’t achieve those other attributes? What then? Do you just try to shrink your body some more?

Getting your Dreamlife is a Never-ending Process, and that’s okay

Instead, it makes more sense to get to the root of the feeling of lack, of never being good enough, or always feeling rejected. (It likely has less to do with body weight or shape than one might imagine, though body bias and “thin” currency are “things" in our culture.)  The "I'll be happy when..." is a trap that you can get stuck in and the way out is to realize you can be happy NOW!

If you align yourself FIRST with your primary “why,” your actions might look a whole lot different than weight loss. You might discover where a painful message took root in you years ago that now drives your behaviors and decisions around your body—and shift that message.

So that you’re kinder and less judgmental toward yourself. And as your own inner gentleness and neutrality grow, you discover that you actually like some parts or attributes of yourself. You might discover that you love to paddle a canoe or walk in the forest—that it doesn’t matter what you look like when you do these enjoyable activities, so you do them more often.

Perhaps you even find a little community that enjoys those same events—and they welcome you in because of your common interest.

And pretty soon, you notice that you have muscles where you thought none existed before. And you don’t get as winded as the first time you tried the thing. And you love the fresh air so much that you stop thinking about your pants size every moment.

Change and Healing are Sneaky

This is how your “new life” sneaks up on you. And that’s what we see all the time in The Mindful Movement Community. Les and I understand the value of a “crock pot” mentality over a “microwave” lens when it comes to transformation.

Real change that sticks is often a step-by-tiny-step process, but it should feel GOOD along the way too. 

Whether you’re a seasoned TMM follower or just encountering us for the first time, help is available right where you are. A good first step might be to follow us on our socials or subscribe to one of our free or introductory meditation series—we’ve got plenty!

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Remember that you’re not broken. You have everything inside you to energetically and joyfully engage in a confidence-boosting, stress-relieving, abundance-welcoming process for the rest of your life. (And that’s a process we can surely ALL get behind!)

I’m right here waiting with the map. Remember to click the link and find out more about how hypnotherapy can assist and accelerate the changes you want to see in your life.

Sending lots of love and happiness your way,

Sara Raymond