Posted on Nov 17, 2021

I was recently asked about the how The Mindful Movement began, and it had me doing some reflecting on my journey. While there were a lot of contributing factors leading to the start of the business and what I do today, there is one moment in time that stands out as a turning point for me.

It was 2015 and on paper, my life looked pretty good. I had graduated college, married a great guy, had two healthy kids, was a business owner for over 10 years in a fulfilling career teaching Pilates and yoga, and I was overall healthy. What more could a girl ask for? I mean, according to the way I was raised, this is just what you do, it’s what’s expected, this is what I should be doing with my life. In fact, I had accomplished all of this by the time I was 35. So, some might even say, I was ahead of schedule, that I was an overachiever.

Even though it all seemed great on the surface, I was always looking for more. I was searching for the next training, the next material goods, the next upgrade to my life. I was comparing myself to others and finding that I was always coming up short. I was stuck in the I’ll be happy when cycle and none of the “next things” actually brought happiness.

It was at this time I realized, I never truly stopped to consider if this was what I wanted. Like I woke up in a dream and didn’t know how I got here. Had I just been moving forward on autopilot, never really choosing which direction to go? One day I was graduating high school with a future wide open with possibilities, and the next, I was 35 and in a life that it felt like I didn’t have a hand in creating. (Ok, maybe this is a little dramatic, but that’s what it felt like when I finally opened my eyes and paid attention.)

I started to wonder if I ever really understood what I wanted or what was important to me before. I can clearly remember being hit hard with this uncomfortable truth: when I have considered difficult decisions about the direction of my life, the voices in my head with all the opinions were not even mine!

Did I even know what my own voice in my head sounds like? And, how did I even get here? The formula to get here was combination of blankly following the status quo and not paying attention to what was in my heart!

And then I had to ask, “Do I even want to be here?” Well, yes, I loved my life and honestly wouldn’t change anything. I just woke up to realize I wanted to believe that I had some say, some influence, in the direction I was going! Don’t get me wrong, I was in no way forced into anything, I just chose to live in my head and not in my heart.

This is when I started practicing meditation regularly as a way to connect with myself and my emotions.
It was a tool to help me understand my values and needs to make more confident and clear decisions.

Ironically, at the time when I “discovered” meditation for myself I had been teaching yoga for almost 10 years as a self-proclaimed, non-spiritual teacher. What I mean by that is, I would focus solely on the “exercise” and leave the philosophy, lessons, and meditation behind. Savasana was, for sure, the most difficult part of my practice. When this shift happened for me, I got so much more from my yoga practice, as well as the classes I was teaching.

This is also when I sought out hypnosis as a catalyst for change in myself and those I was teaching. Hypnosis allowed me to recognize past limiting beliefs and unconscious habitual patterns and then let them go.

Because of this “aha” moment, I found the value in meditation and hypnosis and have been on a mission to share that with others any way I can. The Mindful Movement was (somewhat accidently) founded as a business in 2016, and as a good friend of my says, I have been putting the bicycle together as I pedal downhill quickly. Which is to say, I’ve been winging it and following my intuition.

And when I witness clients' profound transformations through hypnotherapy, or read the comments on the YouTube channel, or hear that my son’s English teacher played one of my videos for Mindfulness Monday for the 10th graders, I know I am on the right path!

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With the warmest welcome,

Sara and Les

The Mindful Movement

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