Posted on Jul 27, 2022


“The nature of illusion is that, when you see through it, it disappears.” —Mooji

Hypnotherapy: 4 Myths Busted (so you can confidently get the help you need)

Hypnotherapy sometimes gets a few skeptical side-eyes from the general public. We’ve seen a lot of “performance” hypnosis in movies, TV shows, and even as entertainment at conferences, parties, and other special events.

There’s a huge difference between hypnosis for entertainment (harmless, BTW, and even fun), and hypnotherapy–a deeply helpful, nurturing, and action-based way to break through harmful patterns and behaviors in your life.

Here’s what hypnotherapy is and what it isn’t, so that you can make an informed choice about your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual care. Yep, that's right, hypnotherapy is effective in working with all aspects of us humans.

As a certified and experienced hypnotherapy practitioner, I’ve helped hundreds of clients reach for MORE in their personal and professional lives—because they’ve trusted me to: 

  • Help them gently unwind their limiting beliefs, 
  • Understand the mind and how it can keep us “stuck” in the uncomfortable status quo even when we know we need to change something, and
  • Take right-paced action on changing their relationships, careers, finances, and even health challenges for the better.

Together with my clients, we have worked through anxiety, depression, feelings of unworthiness, and lack of confidence.  We have improved physical conditions, supported other treatment modalities for healing, and reversed insomnia among many other amazing results.

Now is some outdated and untrue myths are holding you back from seeking help and experiencing these results, let me bust them for you now!

Myth #1: I’ll do something embarrasing under hypnosis

Even in a suggestive state, your brain still has boundaries and values that you won’t cross. Hypnotherapy is simply a very relaxed state of mind and body that allows you to look more closely at your beliefs, values, and desires without fear or judgement and with enhanced comfort and neutrality.

It’s almost like watching a movie of your challenges, goals, behaviors—but you get to select the ending by choosing where you want to go next. 

And “next” means being able to rewire the limiting beliefs you’ve picked up in childhood or early adulthood and framing them differently—so that your status-quo-loving brain doesn’t sabotage you when you take change-focused action after leaving the suggestive state of hypnosis.

Myth #2: I can’t be hypnotized

If you want to enter into a state of hypnotic trance, you absolutely can. If there’s resistance coming up, then let’s explore that as a “protection” mechanism. 

Try asking yourself, “what am I resisting?”--and then see what comes up for you. Perhaps there is a fear of losing control, or letting go of something that no longer serves you. 

Remember that hypnosis is ALWAYS gentle, and ALWAYS self-paced. We won’t go any further than you’re comfortable in a session–and you’ll retain your identity, values, and choices throughout the entire experience.  It helps to ask together at the beginning of your session, that your session be in alignment and in support of your highest good.

Just like any other skill, the state of hypnosis can improve with practice. We have plenty of free hypnosis resources, consider starting with one from this playlist and see how you respond.

I also offer a free pre-hypnotherapy course before diving in with new clients, so that you walk into the session knowing my voice, style, and every detail about how hypnotherapy works.

Myth #3: Hypnosis is a “one-and-done cure”

Just like in conventional talk therapy, hypnotherapy takes time and practice to yield results. Many clients see positive results after just one session and others take a few more.

Though most clients report leaving our sessions feeling profoundly calmer, more relaxed, and with exciting realizations about themselves, they still need to practice implementing new behaviors and patterns in their lives.

And perhaps you already know from previous attempts at transformation that once you begin to make changes, you have to keep doing them to see results. This process goes faster and easier with continued guidance and support. 

Everyone has a different level of need or desire, so it’s best to stay open to the process. When you hit a hiccup on the road to behavior change (especially with complex issues), another session or check-in may be just the thing to keep your forward momentum.

That’s why we include a personalized recording with every session. So that you can listen over and over and integrate new beliefs in your mind—and make them familiar–which your brain loves.

Myth #4: I’ll have to relive my past (and I really don’t want to!)

Revisiting past events (even traumatic ones) can help you change your relationship to those events. For example, in revisiting the event during a safe, nurturing, and comforting hypnotherapy session, you might:

  • Release any shame the event keeps making you feel
  • Recognize that the event was never your fault
  • Forgive yourself for buying into any beliefs about yourself based on the event
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the event and your emotions–and then frame them in a more manageable way so they don’t have the power to trip you up unexpectedly today.

In truth, hypnosis is a SAFE, NURTURING, TRUSTWORTHY way to explore your mind and what may be holding you back from greater confidence, relationships that work for you, a fulfilling career, or even simple stress relief so you can feel good.

Be sure to watch the full video HERE on why these myths shouldn’t hold you back from getting the transformative power you want for your brain, body, relationships, and work. I’m excited to help you learn more!

If you feel the call to learn more and book a session, here’s the link you need. I’m currently inviting new clients into my private session schedule, and I’d love for you to get to know me and how hypnotherapy might be precisely the support you need and want–today.