Posted on Mar 16, 2022

“I felt a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  I *finally* felt open, joyful, and excited about her next presentation!” ~Emily, hypnotherapy client

Sometimes, we hit speedbumps in our lives. We get anxious about things that never upset us before. Lose confidence in our abilities and skills. Come face to face with our shame and feelings of unworthiness. Who can raise a hand to having had this experience at least once in their life?  Probably everyone!

For some, it’s SO much safer to be invisible after all. If we stay quiet and small, we can convince ourselves that we’re protected, but at what cost? Usually, that safety means living a smaller life and denying ourselves the version of success we most want.

That Doesn't Have to be the ONLY Way!

My recent client Emily* (name changed for privacy) made the journey back to her lost professional and public speaking confidence through a single hypnotherapy session.

Emily came to see me as a 51-year-old single mom of 2. As a successful salesperson, she felt comfortable making impactful presentations for the bulk of her career.  We met because she had noticed a lot of fear and anxiety sneaking into her mind before her presentations.

She was ready to fix it and had done considerable work on her own to discover where the roadblock originated.  It can be a powerful first step to simply bring a part of you, or a specific quality about yourself into consciousness.   In fact, this is the most important step because we cannot shift that which we are unaware of.  

With my guidance, from a place of curiosity and compassion, she uncovered a buried childhood memory of competition with her sister. She often felt that if she shone her brightest, her sister would feel “less than.” So, she learned to dim her boldness and excellence to keep that relationship feeling “safe” for both her and her sister. 

Emily immediately connected that old story to her present fears. She realized the protection, comfort, and safety of not succeeding was the payoff of the lack of confidence and performance anxiety she was experiencing.

After Awareness and Understanding Comes Transformation

Her “homework” was to assure her younger self that it is, in fact, safe to be big, bold, and skillful in her speaking. And by shining her light bright, in no way is she dimming anyone else's light.  By coming up with a way to fulfill the benefit of protection from being small in another way, she was able to release the original coping strategy.  Her adult self was building trust with and meeting the needs of her younger self to support her desired transformation in the present.

Her current relationships could handle her excellence–and she was in full control of what the professional spotlight meant for her forward progress. (She didn’t have to say “yes” to things she didn’t want to simply because of her increased visibility and accomplishment.)

With this inner reassurance, her “protector” self could finally relax and have a little fun!

Emily said this about our session together:

“I felt a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  I *finally* felt open, joyful, and excited about her next presentation!”

Following her most recent presentation, she sent me this message that made my day:

"It went very well. Thank you for all your help! I was calm as I went in. My co presenter said ‘ I didn’t know you were so funny and such a good presenter’! Great feedback. (My boss said good job but not much more)."

My private hypnotherapy sessions are for people just like Emily–who’ve hit a bumpy spot in life that never used to be an issue. Usually, it means your tripping on an older part of yourself that needs to feel supported, nurtured, and safe.  It may even feel like a younger version of yourself, frozen in a past hurt, is the one reacting to current difficult or triggering times in your life, and not YOU.

Let’s get to the bottom of your struggle together. 

I’d love to work with you to discover how hypnotherapy can help you solve what’s tripping you up right now, whether that’s public speaking, using your voice in relationships, or even trusting yourself to make confident decisions that move your closer to the relationships, work, and play you want in your life.  Schedule your session now!

Speak well and boldly,


The Mindful Movement


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