Posted on Jul 30, 2022

The body stores the trauma of our lives in muscular rigidity, thereby keeping us stuck in the past. When we release the tension in the body and align ourselves with gravity, We take a new stand in life.”

–Joseph Heller 

Dear Readers and Students,

Here we are at our final trauma healing post in our 4-part series. You can check out the first three articles here:

Today, let’s add a practical relief tool to our toolkits with movement.

Movement Heals

A few posts back, I mentioned that when animals survive trauma, they “shake” for a period of time to reset their nervous systems and get out of fight-flight-freeze mode, so they can carry on with their day. Shaking is such a natural and ingenious way to release trauma, and yet humans have largely “forgotten” this essential skill.

Granted, you may not always be in a situation where you can “shake” if you’re nervous about your presentation in the boardroom, or on high alert walking to your car at night. (although, simply shaking only your hands wouldn't draw too much attention)

But, here’s what to do to help you dial back your hyper-alertness, anxiety, or terror in the face of a trauma trigger.

  1. As quickly as you can, get to a private spot. (If you’re in public, try going to the restroom for just a few minutes, for example.)
  2. Let your body move. Try one or more of the following:
    • Hop gently up and down. 
    • Cross your arms over your shoulders and shake your torso from side to side. 
    • Flip and flop your arms, letting all your nervous energy fly out of your fingertips.
    • Circle your shoulders several times and let them droop. 
    • Raise your hands above your head for a deep breath and stretch, and then let your whole body fold forward. For a bonus here, use a forceful breath out through your mouth making a ha sound as you fold forward.

To help you continue experimenting, here is a series of nervous system reset videos I’ve created with you in mind.  Or use any of these gentle mind-body movement practices. An above all, listen to your body!

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Thank you so much for joining us on our gentle trauma healing path. I look forward to connecting with you again.

Until next time, be well, Friends.


Sara and Les

The Mindful Movement

*Remember that trauma-healing often requires a mosaic of recovery modalities. Meditation and hypnotherapy can be useful and effective resources as part of a healing path. Please be sure to tell your medical and mental health care team about any new therapeutic resources you’d like to try as part of your trauma recovery journey. Hypnotherapy and meditation are not intended to replace your current medical or mental health care protocols.


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