Posted on Nov 30, 2023

Let's be honest: sometimes you just don't have time to do a long meditation. 

Life can be hectic, busy, chaotic at times. Schedules change or get disrupted. Things happen. The unpredictable nature of our existence is one of the reasons why meditation can be so effective at preparing us for any situation.

Below we've assembled a collection of meditation practices that are all 15 minutes or less. Use them when you just need a quick break, to help center yourself or bring your focus back to the present moment. 


1. Recognize Ease, Safety, and Joy Morning Meditation

This body-based, somatic meditation allows you to recognize the subtle but profound sensations of ease, safety, and joy within your body, before expanding your gratitude to the world around you. By practicing this regularly, you can develop the skill of seeing and appreciating these moments, fostering a deeper sense of gratitude in your life. This is a great way to start your day to promote seeing glimpses of ease and safety throughout your entire day.


2. 15 Minute Morning Gratitude Meditation

In this morning meditation, I will guide you to focus on cultivating gratitude and embracing thankfulness as you start your day. Gratitude is a practice that can shift your perspective, enhance your well-being, and attract more blessings into your life.


3. Embrace Peace, Release Worry Morning Meditation

Start your day with a serene and energizing morning meditation practice. Awaken your mind and body to a sense of calm and tranquility as you let go of worries and fears. Let go of the past as you embrace the present moment. Breathe in renewed energy and embrace the present moment with gratitude. Step into your day with clarity, confidence, and an open heart, ready to embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. Ground yourself in the present, set intentions for the day, and carry the tranquil energy with you as you embark on a fulfilling and joyful day ahead.


Mindfulness is about being in the present moment. With anxiety, you may find yourself worrying about future possibilities. Being overwhelmed is often due to thinking about all the things to do, or experiencing what may feel like too many emotions. Both anxiety and overwhelm take you out of the present. Today, I’ll guide you back to the present and into a calm and grounded state with this short and effective practice. If this works well for you, be sure to save it to come back to when you need it.


If you struggle with racing thoughts, anxiety, or a busy mind, this meditation can help you observe your thoughts without getting caught up in them, and create a space of calmness and clarity within yourself. By taking time to sit with your thoughts and emotions, you can learn to respond to them with greater wisdom and kindness and live more fully in the present moment. Cultivate a greater self-awareness, compassion, and presence in your daily life.


Enjoy this powerfully effective meditation to shift from an anxious and chaotic state to a calm and peaceful state. By harnessing the ability of your mind and imagination, you will learn how to calm an overactive mind and release tension and stress, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Find serenity and tranquility within yourself.


Life can sometimes be stressful, and you may find yourself needing to hit the pause button, let go of tension, and re-establish a sense of inner peace. Escape the stress and chaos of everyday life as you experience deep relaxation and tranquility as you focus on the present moment and let go of worries and cares. All it takes is 10 minutes to reset and come into the present moment.


Unlock your full potential and manifest abundance in all areas of your life with this guided hypnosis. Experience deep relaxation and focus as you visualize yourself surrounded by wealth and prosperity. Release any limiting beliefs and embrace empowering thoughts with this practice. Start manifesting the life you desire today.


Before you even get out of bed in the morning, you can set your intentions for a great day. This morning meditation will guide you to focus on cultivating positivity in under 10 minutes.


Some emotions get labeled as negative or unwanted, but emotions are simply energy in motion. Perhaps it wasn’t safe to have these big emotions as a child and you learned to push them down. When you find yourself experiencing anger or frustration because it’s labeled as painful, uncomfortable, or unsafe to have you may push it down and not give it the chance to move through you. We must feel the emotions to heal and release them. Today, without going into the story of an emotion, simply working on the energetic body level, I’ll guide you through a process to let go.


Joy is a quality that many people desire more of in their lives, yet it can be difficult to experience and even allow joy to be felt at times. In today’s short meditation, I’ll guide you to connect with the feeling of joy within your body, invite it to expand, and anchor it in so that you can tap into joy any time you want.


Acceptance and unconditional self-love support an unshakable sense of self-worth. In a world of high expectations and pressure for success, who couldn’t use a bit more of these qualities? If your inner judge or critic is present right now and blocking your sense of self-worth, this is the meditation practice for you. Use the awareness and acceptance of your breath, recognize signs of safety in your body, and let go of judgments to move you into a place of unconditional love for yourself.


As humans, we find ways to protect ourselves, to keep us safe. And this often equates to putting up walls, closing off, or not showing up fully. In this short guided meditation, I’ll guide you to open the energetic pathways in your body to safely let down your armor, open into the flow state, and connect with your true self.


This is our very first video on YouTube! It has been unavailable since 2017 and we have decided to release it again. We hope you enjoy it! This guided meditation helps you get grounded and practice gratitude.


Love from within is the most important kind, and it is the place we need it the most. Let’s work our way to love for ourselves with this meditation today. And remember, self-love is not a final destination, it is a practice. I’ll be your guide to help you open your heart and love yourself from within today.


Pain is not typically a desirable sensation, especially when it becomes chronic. The resistance and upset can make the experience worse. Pain is a message from your body and if you ignore that message, it will continue to get louder and stronger. By simply focusing on, observing, and accepting the sensations as they are, this practice can be transforming and releasing. This meditation will help you focus your mind and energy on your experience with acceptance to provide physical and mental relaxation and pain relief. While this meditation practice is not a substitute for medical treatment if needed, it can help to ease your suffering and experience a relaxed state.


You cannot give out what you do not have. Love, just like material gifts, cannot be given to another, if you do not have it yourself. Today, build the energy of love within yourself and for yourself because your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. In fact, this relationship is the only one that will last your entire lifetime. You are like a seed that has everything it needs inside itself to become a beautiful flower.


What would the world be like if we all practiced meditation? Whether you are new to meditation or returning to your practice, this 10-minute mindfulness meditation is about going back to the basics to discover the foundations and benefits of meditation. Be in tune with yourself to find peace in your inner world among a potentially hectic and stressful outer world. Let all of that go for now, as you focus on your breath to become present. When you settle in the present moment, you can’t be anxious about the future or regretful of the past. Meditation is about waking up to your experience with trust and acceptance and I am excited to offer this series because I believe we can each do our part to make the world a better place by taking care of ourselves. 


Enjoy this guided mindfulness meditation.  When your mind is busy and full of thoughts, and you find yourself distracted, you may notice it doesn’t work to simply tell your mind to stop thinking.  In fact, the expectation of a mind free of thoughts is impossible.  This resistance to the experience of thoughts may even cause them to show up more frequently and seem louder.   In this practice, I will guide you to practice shifting your attention to the quiet part of your mind, rather than expecting the noisy part of your mind to simply stop.  Imagine expecting the chaos and noise of a party to simply stop because you wanted quiet.  Instead, you would leave the chaos rather than asking the it to stop.


If you find yourself having difficulty focusing on a task or your thoughts are scattered, this quick and effective practice may be just what you need to ground yourself and your attention in the present moment.  Follow my voice as I guide you into a calm and focused state.


We hope you find these short practices useful and beneficial, and of course if you haven't found what you're looking for on this page, please visit our YouTube Channel for a huge selection of other meditation practices, tips, yoga and movement videos and more. And check out our online courses for more in-depth practice or consider personalized coaching sessions.