Posted on Jul 13, 2022


“Change is simply trying new things in a better way.” –Gladys Bejani

Hi Friends, I’m so glad you’re here and that you keep coming back for mindfulness, meditation, and body movement guidance you can use to feel better in your life.

Roadblocks to Progress

Though mindfulness is a huge step in the pathway toward self-confidence, fulfillment, bravery, and taking action on your goals and dreams, sometimes we can still encounter frustrating blocks to progress.

Those blocks could mean that you have some—or a lot of—lingering and deeply ingrained messages about what you’re “allowed” to do, be, think, or become in your life while still feeling safe, comfortable, and secure. 

Our brains are funny machines, sometimes, in the way that they want to preserve the status quo, even if that “norm” is uncomfortable or even miserable. It can take an intentional “rewiring” process to allow your mind to give you the green light on new actions, behaviors, and life strategies. 

And with good reason--our patterns and behaviors have usually been adopted to keep us safe.  They were likely developed when we were very young and didn't have the same intellect and resources that we do as adults.  Our child mind was simply working with what it had at the time.  

That’s where hypnotherapy could bridge the gap between where you are (discomfort, suffering, or missing something in your life) and where you want to be.

Here are 5 benefits my clients see when we collaborate (and this is NOT an exhaustive list, by any means, but you’ll get an idea of whether a private hypnotherapy session could be the nudge you need to gain momentum in your life–at your pace and on your terms.)

    1. Ability to break unwanted patterns or habits, like people pleasing, self-sabotage, or procrastination. So that you can feel more joy, contentment, and fulfillment by focusing on and moving toward YOUR needs and desires in a way that honors YOU.  First it's important to understand how and why these patterns were adopted.  As I mentioned above, they were serving you at one time in your life.
    2. Reducing long-term insomnia and improving overall sleep. Because quality rest is a marker for so many other health benefits like:
      • Alleviating depression and anxiety symptoms
      • Lowering blood pressure
      • Maintaining higher energy for the activities you enjoy
      • Maintaining a healthy body weight
      • Decreasing your overall disease risk
      • Staying mentally sharp and focused
    3. Increased level of fulfillment–a deeper understanding of your values and a clarity of what’s important to YOU—plus how to speak up for those values and take action to live them out consistently, like in your career and personal relationships.
    4. Increased self-confidence. This is a BIG one for many of my clients in their jobs, relationships, and their overall human experience. It’s possible to change the cultural, familial, and community messaging you’ve received over the years that makes you feel small, inconsequential, or silent. You deserve to take up space and use your voice. 
    5. Reducing anxiety and stress. This is the number one issue for which my clients seek help and support. Though the source of stress and anxiety is different for everyone, it’s paramount to uncover the “why” behind the anxiety and stress YOU are experiencing (usually a limiting belief you hold from very early in your life that permeates your decision-making and the options for your life you believe could be available.)  

Hypnotherapy Can Help YOU

You can learn more about these 5 benefits plus hearing some of my clients’ success stories at navigating through self-doubt, self-sacrifice, and self-sabotage with the help of private hypnotherapy sessions in this free video.

I love offering hope, support, and practice resources to help my clients overcome some of their toughest emotional challenges and frustrating internal blocks to the lives they deserve. Check out our playlist of self-led hypnosis practices.

(Spoiler alert: we ALL deserve to have agency, choices, fulfillment, healthy relationships, and the self-confidence to go GET them, just for being a human being.)

And full disclosure, outside circumstances and our history can help or hinder our progress in life. Broken systems are real and benefit some people more than others. 

My job is to help you uncover what’s going on inside YOU that could be holding you back, while helping you create new beliefs, messaging, habits, and behaviors that help you feel true relief from emotional, physical, financial, relational, or professional discomfort or misery.

Together, we’ve got this (and your intentions, wishes, and actions will *finally* be on the same team!)

If you feel the call to learn more and book a session, here’s the link you need. I’m currently inviting new clients into my private session schedule, and I’d love for you to get to know me and how hypnotherapy might be precisely the support you need and want–today.

Until next time, be well, and much love,

Sara and Les

The Mindful Movement


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