Posted on Feb 21, 2021

“You don't need any methods to get rid of the wrong ideas you have about yourself.   All you have to do is stop believing them.  The best way to do this is replace them with ideas that more accurately reflect the real state of affairs.” ~ Annamalai Swami

What Makes Change Possible?

Beliefs you hold about yourself are the missing link to making lasting change.  Your beliefs are emotional and not always logical.   They were formed at a young age and were relevant when they were formed.  These beliefs run the show in terms of your habits.  The beauty and the power of understanding when and why you developed these beliefs that are beneath the difficult to change habit, is knowing your beliefs are yours to change.

I Agree and Disagree with the Above Quote

Yes, you can replace wrong ideas with more accurate ones.  Replace negative beliefs held about yourself with positive beliefs--definitely! I would elaborate on this process a bit further.  It is logically simple, yet emotionally it is a bit more complicated.  Let me explain...

Have you ever desired to make a change in a habit you have had for a very long time?  For example:

  • Change your eating habits
  • Quit smoking or drinking
  • Start exercising
  • Wake up early
  • Keep a clean and organized home
  • Be more productive
  • Stop the cycle of procrastination

How difficult is making a change in one of these long term habits?  VERY DIFFICULT!

Willpower Only Takes you so Far

Like a muscle working overtime, willpower will fatigue.  Let's break this down with an example.  Perhaps you decide to start exercising.  You create a solid plan for yourself to take a class 3 times a week and walk 3 times a week.  You even put it on your calendar and tell your friends and family about this plan.  Surely this will help keep you accountable and committed.

This goes smoothly and you are successful in executing your plan for the first two weeks.  You are committed and proud of your success.  Then something comes up at work and  you miss a workout.  It snows and you miss another one.  You are tired and choose to sleep in after having one too many glasses of wine the night before.  And buy the end of the third week, you realize you missed 3 out of your 6 scheduled workouts.  Uh-oh.  Now where is the willpower?

Another Option: Change your Beliefs

On the other hand, if you take the time to uncover the underlying belief holding you back from committing to this exercise program, you have the power to release that belief.  Then you can change your belief and committing to exercise can become effortless.  (The exercise isn't effortless, just making and keeping the commitment.) I have shared my story of changing my beliefs to experience a positive transformation in this previous article.

Grow Flowers Not WeedsMind like a garden

I like to think of the mind like a garden.  I have referred to this idea in this article and use the metaphor in this visualization practice.  Let me elaborate for you a bit more than in the original article:

The thoughts and beliefs you have can be thought of as plants in the garden of your mind.   Some of the plants are ones that you want to grow more of.  Others you may consider weeds that you want to get rid of.  If you simply plant more of the types you do want to grow without removing the weeds, you will grow more of both.  You may even notice the weeds continuing to overcrowd the plants you want to be growing.

Like weeds, negative thoughts and beliefs seem to over take the garden of the mind.  They multiply and color the way you see the world.  This is referred to as a negativity bias and takes work and focus to overcome.

Wikipedia describes the negativity bias as: "The negativity bias, also known as the negativity effect, is the notion that, even when of equal intensity, things of a more negative nature (e.g. unpleasant thoughts, emotions, or social interactions; harmful/traumatic events) have a greater effect on one's psychological state and processes than neutral or positive things. In other words, something very positive will generally have less of an impact on a person's behavior and cognition than something equally emotional but negative."

Support a Positivity Bias

Take the time to first clear out the weeds and prepare the garden of your mind.  This will allow the plants you do want to not only survive, but flourish.  Meaning, you have a better possibility of developing positive thoughts and beliefs about yourself, when you first clear out and let go of negative ones.

The process is simple, although not easy:

  1. Release outdated, negative beliefs
  2. Relax the mind and create a feeling of safety
  3. Develop new, positive beliefs that support the life you desire

Beliefs are the missing link to making lasting change.  A personalized hypnotherapy session will take you through the above three step process and support you in making a change you desire.  


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