Posted on Mar 10, 2021

“The more regularly and the more deeply you meditate, the sooner you will find yourself acting always from a center of peace.” J. Donald Walters


So you have just completed the Mindful Movement's free 4-day meditation program.  Or you have discovered our YouTube channel and dipped your toes into a few guided meditation practices.  Now what?   

Meditation is so “on trend” lately. Perhaps it’s because we live in such a busy, stress-filled world of distractions that so many frazzled souls have begun looking for pathways to a little peace, quiet, and FOCUS amidst all the digital and in-real-life noise.

There’s a REASON you’re seeking an oasis of calm for yourself. Our human switches were engineered to have an “OFF”switched on mode, and we haven’t used it in SO LONG. 

There’s no need to beat yourself up about it---our entire culture is built around staying “ON” and connected outwardly All. The. Time. Such a constant state of arousal, connection, and busyness wears on ALL our systems, breaking us down until we’re crying for help to find silence, presence, and ease.

That’s where a weekly meditation practice with The Mindful Movement can help. 

Sure, there are LOADS of free meditation videos on YouTube and other channels (we’re ONE of those sources.) It can be hard to discover which teachers and philosophies fit you best. 

The LAST thing you need as a new seeker is to feel deluged with too much information when all you want is a few moments of guided peace and calm in your day. (So you can sleep better, reduce anxiety, and make confident decisions more easily.)

In fact, when we asked the community "What is the biggest transformation in your life since you started a consistent meditation practice?" here are some of the amazing benefits shared:

  • Linda said: Meditation, with inner smile, was a key part of my recovery from fibromyalgia.
  • Jessica said: Experiencing moments of deep gratitude and contentment, just deeper appreciation for my life.
  • Kristen said:  I feel grounded and truly grateful. I feel abundance all around me.  Daily meditation has been a life changing practice in my life.
  • Spring said: Deep sleep/hypnosis meditations have helped me get back into regular sleeping patterns and wake up feeling completely rested and ready for the day ahead. 5 and 10 minute gratitude meditations at the end of my work day help recharge my battery for the evening ahead. And breath work helps me get centered any time I feel anxious or a bit off kilter. All meditations have reduced the need for anti-anxiety medication, which pleases me immensely! So, thank you! 🥰

Meditation comes in many forms.  For example, when answering the above question, Leah said, "I'm more of a "moving meditation" person....enjoying reflective walks or body movement and letting my mind relax....I start to really MISS it if I miss a's become a non-negotiable! I feel so lifted and positive after finishing.🙂"

This month, try out our MEMBERSHIP option. Why? Because your body, brain, and heart are WORTH a (very manageable) investment each month (or you can choose our annual option and save $$$ while encouraging more consistency and commitment to the results you want to achieve.)

Here’s what’s included:

  • AD-FREE access to our content (so you can build consistency without annoying interruption + feel results like more JOY, a CLEARER, CALMER MIND, BETTER SLEEP, and more confidence in every corner of your life.
  • Fresh, members-only practices added each month, including our live 2nd Sunday practice (so you can stay engaged and current with our newest and most effective practice tools)
  • A private community group where Les and Sara drop wisdom, resources, and nurturing connection each week (so you can feel seen and valued, because you ARE.)

BONUS: When you choose the annual membership option, you’ll also receive our exclusive 5-week Journey To Living Fulfilled Self-Study Course (only available to our annual members and nowhere else.)   We encourage you to GET IN ON THE MAGIC HERE.

PS: Meditation is TRANSFORMATION, packaged in short daily or weekly time-outs just for YOU. We’re honored and excited to help you uncover what’s possible for you and the life of ease, abundance, calm, and focus you can claim. 

JOIN US HERE this month, and together we’ll help you gently create the “just-for-you” transformative vehicle you’ve wanted for SO LONG.


With love and gratitude,

Sara and Les

The Mindful Movement