Posted on Mar 09, 2022

“Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.”

― Shannon L. Alder

Aren’t therapy, hypnotherapy, and coaching just a bunch of hype?

Ask anyone who loves their therapist, meditation leader, or life coach whether that person has helped them, and they’ll probably say something like:

“OMG, I don’t know where I’d be without my (therapist, coach, Pilates or yoga teacher, or meditation mentor!)  But, when you ask how or why that helping professional has been so effective, sometimes the answers can be hard to pin down. 

What’s clear is that all these avenues of support can offer the following:

  • Informative or educational resources to aid your self-love, self-acceptance, and self-knowledge
  • An encouraging, safe, and supportive place to get CURIOUS about yourself
  • Action-oriented practices after a period of self-discovery
  • A welcoming, non-judgmental, and safe environment to explore your emotions and overcome any awkwardness or embarrassment you may feel
  • Confidentiality with strong privacy policies, to lessen clients’ feelings of vulnerability

What Clients are Saying:

Don't take my word for it. Check out what one of my clients recently reported after they came to see me for confidence and self-worth.

"I've felt much lighter spiritually and mentally since listening to your recording!

There's been some very clear changes. To be honest, changes started immediately after I started your videos.  And the personal recordings really solidified the transition.  I had wanted to hold off on the reporting until I knew what I was experiencing was more long-term and not just by chance.

  • Have more self confidence in my decisions and work.
  • I have a more positive mindset.
  • I've slept better and through the night.
  • My stress level have decreased.
  • I haven't had any heart palpitation.
  • My body requires less carb.
  • I'm eating less and have lost a little weight.
  • The pre- and post PMS cycles are more manageable.
  • I am generally happier.
  • By stressing less and changing my energy... a lot of good things have been coming to me.
  • Life just feels much more manageable.

These results are truly amazing! I'm incredibly grateful for this experience!"

Support Works When You Work It

Remember that quote from Maya Angelou? The one about when we know better, we DO better?

Well, your emotional, spiritual, body-movement or mental support people help you shorten the distance between the knowing and the doing. And usually without always learning the “hard” way about changing your behavior, up-leveling your confidence, or inviting more abundance into your life.

And when you DO fumble through some super-steep learning curves or horrific losses and fall-downs, your “person” is there to help you process it all, take lessons from it, and avoid resorting to destructive “coping skills” to work through the tough feelings.

So that you STOP repeating negative patterns (that may at one time have helped you feel “safe,” but don’t get you where you want to go in life), and START trusting yourself more, using your voice, getting honest about your needs, and desires, and acting them into existence.

Here’s one account from a friend of mine who’s learned to SPRINT to mental and emotional helpers when she struggles:

“I don’t understand why most people feel bad about asking for help. I seek out as much regular help as I can afford in my budget. When I go to a Pilates class, I understand my body better and how to move it so I don’t hurt myself when I dance (my favorite thing ever!)

When my relationships suck and I feel anxious several weeks out of the month, I talk to a therapist, coach, or other helping professional and I feel calmer, like I have more choices, and confident about the things I want to try next to change my situation when it feels terrible–or even just “meh.”

“Meh” is no longer okay with me. I want MORE, now that those special people have helped me SEE the pathway to what I want–and take the steps each week or month or year to get there.  

I’m never fixed, I’m never perfect–but it feels GOOD to be human with a safe witness guiding my way and helping me see what I can’t see about myself, by myself.

Because then I can think different thoughts, do different actions, and ACTUALLY notice how they play out for new and better outcomes in my job, my home, and with my friends.

I couldn’t have launched 3 businesses, healed teenage and young adult sexual trauma, or have functional, trusting, and healthy relationships without these helpers in my life.”

Hypnotherapy and How it Works

Hypnosis can be a powerful tool for change in your life. Contrary to the many myths about hypnosis, you’re ALWAYS safe in the experience. You will only take in what you truly want and believe in. You have the ability to come out of hypnosis at any time you want or need. Here’s what a typical session looks like with me:

  1. I ask several questions of each client, like what a few of their key life goals are. Which areas they’d like to see some emotional or action-based shifts. What's currently holding them back from these goals.
  2. I find out about their backgrounds in as much detail as they care to share. Then look for connections to be drawn and areas to explore safely during hypnosis.
  3. I lead the client through a few gentle breathing, relaxation, and focus-building exercises. This is until the client can ease into what is called a light “trance” state. This is where it feels safe and comfortable to begin exploring past experiences, inner messaging, and the emotional states that go with them. Every client is different and I will meet you where you are, going only where you are ready to explore.  The session is "client-centered," meaning, I follow your lead, which is really the lead of your subconscious mind.
  4. I invite the client to discover key areas of limitation in their mind found in their subconscious, and what life events may have cemented those messages in their brain.
  5. Together, with a new understanding of beliefs and habitual patterns, we create “counter” messages for the client to practice after the session. This is where they can start re-wiring their limiting beliefs and changing the coping behaviors that go along with that limiting mental landscape.
  6. Once our exploration is complete, I gently bring the client back to full awareness. Afterward, we spend a few minutes processing the experience together. 
  7. Each client receives a personalized transformational hypnosis recording, so they can keep the process going after our time together is over. Many people receive continual insights into their behaviors and emotions with each listen of the recording.
  8. Often, the client enjoys the work so much that they come back for a few follow-up sessions to continue the discovery and keep practicing new behaviors with my support. 

Begin your Supported Journey with a Free Resource

If you’ve always been a bit shy about asking for support, it’s an easy “yes” to try out this hypnosis practice to build self-love and acceptance–and I recommend to anyone seeking help that you should feel safe and comfortable with the person or people you choose to assist you.

Right now, you can also check out this entire collection of FREE hypnosis practices to get started with any topic that calls to you, and I hope you’ll tell me how it goes!

And if you are ready for more personalized support to catapult your transformation, reach out to me for a 1:1 session.

Be well (and LOVE yourself enough to ask for help–you’re always worthy of it),


The Mindful Movement


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