Posted on Apr 19, 2023

“What happens when people open their hearts? They get better.” —Haruki Murakami

Getting help…helps.

Hi there, TMM Community. How’s the week shaping up for you, emotionally? What about physically and mentally? 

It is Spring here in Maryland, a season that I absolutely love.  The green leaves are filling in the previously bare tree branches.  The birds are chirping.  The days are getting longer and the temperature is getting warmer. 

Despite the season of Spring springing up, I personally still feel like I am in winter.  "What does this even mean?" you may be asking. I invite you to consider that just like the seasons in nature, we have seasons as humans too.

Though there are ups and downs, busy and slow times throughout the year, our culture seems to put a lot of pressure on our success and growth. This may feel like we are in a continuous season of growth and expansion, or what might look like Spring.

Think about the emphasis on reaching goals, making plans, and creating a strategy for wealth, health, and success. ALL. THE. TIME. 

Well, some of us just aren’t quite there all the time.  Some of us are still in a Winter, a hibernation, a season of going inward and resting.  

And that’s perfectly okay. You may be in your own winter season.  Feeling like you want to cocoon, isolate, and revel in the quiet are natural leanings to offset the busy and hard working times.  Feeling a bit “low” during your winter period is also typical for a lot of humans.

It’s also possible to feel better, more confident, easeful in your body, and even joyful and productive during this quiet, introspective, and sometimes challenging season. With recognition of your season and allowance of the needs of this season.  And with help. And yes, the right help at the right time really does work. 


What can I get from a professional that I can’t get on my own?

When you feel stuck in a hard time or even a life-long unhelpful habit or behavior pattern, it can be almost impossible to: 

  1. See the forest for the trees. You could be too close to the situation to have any sort of real perspective on what may help you the most to get out of your rut, make lasting change that sticks, or heal the deep hurts (mental and emotional) that hold you back from living the life you most want.
  2. Understand on your own what changes to make or what the roots of your issues are (and you can’t change what you don’t see.)

 That’s why enlisting a helping professional is crucial to many people’s progress when they are stuck. 

 A skilled helper can offer perspective, help you see and understand the deep history that got you where you are today, know that you’re NOT broken, and walk with you as you slowly but steadily climb out of the pit of doom, as it were. (And not all Pits of Doom are dramatic, crisis-filled places, btw.)

What to Expect from Hypnotherapy and Transformational Coaching

Of course, there is a lot of background and intake I do with all my clients. BUT, the results of hypnotherapy and coaching are real and lasting.

Once we get through the initial steps and into a session, hundreds of my clients have reported the following outcomes—some of them immediate and others that flower and bloom months or even years later: 

  • A fast feeling of lightness, peace, and calm (because letting a trustworthy, experienced helper in on your secrets takes a big load off of YOU.)
  • A release of tension in your chest, throat, or gut (Because our emotions and stories live undeniably in our bodies—and when we share the load, our bodies can *finally* exhale and relax a bit.)
  • More head space (because your relentless anxious thoughts slow down)
  • An immediate or delayed reduction in chronic pain (because when you give voice to what’s wrong, your body can stop sending you “alarm” messages, like discomfort and tension.) 

So, the consensus (at least from my client circle) is that “professional help” really IS worth the investment. And the bottom line is really that YOU are worth the investment of your time, resources, and intention. 

 To feel and be the best that you possibly can be. To live a life of abundance, adventure, confidence, and contentment. To rewire all the “old” messaging that keeps you stuck today.

 I help you get there–efficiently and enjoyably. Even if we encounter some difficult or emotional patches along the way, you’re NOT alone and you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself.

How to Get Help

Whether you’re a seasoned TMM follower or just encountering us for the first time, help is available right where you are.  This work is powerfully effective and offers long lasting change. 

If you feel ready for a deep dive, the 3 month package I offer is called the Transformational Accelerator for good reason.  And, if you aren't sure if this work is a good fit for you, or if you are ready to dive deep into a 3 month journey, our monthly members Q&A coaching call is a great way to dip your toes into the world of coaching.  You'd be surprised how much we can accomplish is a short coaching conversation. Our next meeting is April 21 from 12-1:30 pm EDT.  You can join the membership for only $9/month.


In truth, you have all the answers you need within yourself. Sometimes it takes a helping hand to uncover them and use them effectively. Remember, you’re not broken. You are perfectly human—and we’re all doing our absolute best. 

When you’re ready to add the support that makes your “best” feel even better, I’m right here waiting. Remember to click the link and find out more about how gentle, freeing, and uplifting hypnotherapy and transformational coaching are with me.

Much love,

Sara Raymond