Posted on Jan 05, 2022

“I take pleasure in my transformations. I look quiet and consistent, but few know how many women there are in me.”

― Anais Nin

Get past the “new year, new you hype”

We all know the New Year “bring on the changes” broken record. Many of us fantasize about making our lives different each year, but few of us can make those desired changes stick and stay–even though we may try our darndest before giving up in defeat.

And, who ever decided that January was THE time to activate so many enormous transformations, anyway? 

In this two-part blog series, I wanted to drop a little knowledge around WHY so many resolutions fail, how you can begin embracing the changes you want to see on a small scale and have a better chance of seeing your New Year intentions continue bearing fruit all the way until next December.

Also, as a hypnotherapist, I hope you’ll learn more about how I support my clients’ desires for life changes they can feel and see here or through this playlist of interviews and hypnosis practices you can try for yourself

I still have some room in January for new private clients curious about creating healthy habits and confident mindsets for bold transformations with my help.

Why change is hard

Listen, we don’t usually know what we like, we like what we know. Our systems thrive on the status quo–even when that “norm” isn’t comfortable, fun, or good for us. 

Changing behaviors requires almost Herculean strength and continual presence of mind, course correction, and “failing forward” while we attempt to establish new ways of thinking, being, and acting in one or several areas of our lives.

And that’s just YOU! (In part 2, I’ll discuss how outside forces ALSO strive to keep you from making big changes in your life.)

Making lifestyle and mindset changes requires us to stay more vigilant for a time–usually about 30-60 days as a new habit takes shape. 

To keep choosing the new way, you must continually notice when you’re doing the OLD things, and then make a switch at the moment. (Or commit to doing the thing differently the very next time.)

This vigilance takes effort, plus you have to also overcome any “pushback” from your inner critic. The voice that tells you, “Who do you think you are? You’ll never make this work. You have no idea what you’re doing. This is SO not worth it–in fact, YOU are not worth it. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just go back to bed?”

Ugh. We all know that voice, don’t we? It’s possible to overcome those negative messages in the face of making life changes, but it takes a minute to rewire your brain so that you can begin answering that critic with positive responses, and kick the “downer” voice to the curb.  Additionally, understanding why the voice is there in the first place is extremely helpful and will lessen the effort needed in the long run.

So, is it even possible to get the changes I want?

Yes. (How’s that for simple and direct?) 

Here are a few ways to ensure the shifts you’d like to see in your life can take hold for longer than a few weeks.

  1. Decide, "What are your desired changes?"  And, know why you want these changes.  Start with this new meditation practice to help solidify your desired changes.
  2. Start super small. Try choosing one small behavior you’d like to shift. For example, maybe you’d like a slower morning that allows you to have more quiet time and perhaps some body movement. Try getting up just 10 minutes earlier for one week–and then see how your body feels about it. It’s okay to try out a change, let your body adjust a bit, and then decide if you’d like to continue.
  3. Expect push-back, and strategize how you’ll keep the boundary around your time and commitment. It never fails—you commit to doing this new thing, and then you get a new work deadline, your kid gets sick, or your car breaks down. It’s crucial to anticipate these hiccups and have a simple “plan B” in mind. Overslept your slow-morning alarm? It’s okay–take a moment to set aside another 10 minutes over lunch or after work to get quiet and breathe deeply. You’ll feel successful and refreshed.
  4. GET HELP from an experienced guide. If you’ve never scaled a business, changed your diet, climbed a rock wall, or danced a salsa before, you’d probably hire a teacher, mentor, coach, or healing professional. These helpers can significantly shrink the time between “trying” to change and successful transformation. They can help you anticipate and navigate challenges, and support you when it feels like the world is out to thwart your best intentions and efforts.

Employing these simple tips may get you closer to the changes you want to make in your life. I hope you’ll give them a try as we open the door to 2022. 

I also hope you’ll consider learning more about how hypnotherapy can help you change your mindset, grow your confidence, and clear out your emotional and mental “clutter” so that change stops feeling scary and overwhelming.

What you WANT in your life (like healthy relationships, professional fulfillment, bold confidence, and financial freedom) is totally possible. Let’s get there together–gently and joyfully–through changes that stay for the long haul.

Come and learn more about how I work with my clients plus all the transformational resources we offer at

Be well in 2022–

Sara and Les

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