Posted on Jan 19, 2022

“Atlantis?' Jason asked.
'That's a myth,' Percy said.
'Uh...don't we deal in myths?'
'No, I mean it's a MADE-UP myth. Not like, an actual true myth.'

― Rick Riordan, The Blood of Olympus

Busting hypnotherapy myths is my favorite thing to do

Hi, everyone! I’m so excited for this time with you today, because I’m going there. We’re gonna talk all about what hypnotherapy IS, and what it ISN’T, so that you can add this wonderful and healing discipline to your resource list for many of the issues in your life.

Get ready to have all your burning hypnosis questions and curiosities put to rest. 

(And then, especially if you’re struggling with a tender or emotional challenge that seems stuck, consider reaching out for a chat to see if hypnotherapy could be a part of your healing mosaic of helpful modalities.)

Hypnotherapy: You’re always in control

Okay, here we go. One of the questions I get often from hypnosis-hesitant folks is “you won’t make me do anything stupid or embarrassing, or that I don't want to do, will you?”

And of course, the answer is a resounding “nope!” 

On the contrary, hypnotherapy is designed to put you in a deeply relaxed and comfortable state, not wind you up for stage entertainment. 

It is paramount that you feel safe and supported so that you can access, through hypnosis, the deep places in your mind that hold limiting beliefs that may unconsciously shape your behaviors. You are always in charge of your body, your mind, and your aftercare while undergoing hypnotherapy. 

Additionally, your mind will only take in the information it believes is in your best interest.  If I say something in your session, you don't want, it's as if I didn't say it at all.  For example, if you don't want to give up smoking, a session about smoking cessation will not work. 

Your values guide your experience

Here’s the thing: even when you’re in that sublime, trancey state of calm tranquility, your brain has built-in safety measures. They’re called “values.”  We all have them. Those values can be bedrock living guidelines such as “don’t steal,” or “I will never hit another person.”

They can also sound something like “I won’t gossip,” or “I choose monogamy.” 

Even in a suggestive state (where we can rewire harmful self-beliefs and amplify our confidence and decision-making skills), you won’t override your governing values–you’ll always know what’s going on in a session, and you’ll remember all of it.

Hypnotherapy “works” because you permit a therapist you trust to assist you in getting past emotional blocks, traumatic memories, or harmful behaviors. You can withdraw that permission at any time–even within the session!  Mostly, you will hear your own words quoted back to you (and that's why it's so powerful.)

You’ll have to do some work

Unlike what movies or TV may claim, hypnosis is NOT a one-and-done “cure” for your deep issues. Rewiring your mindset and changing your behavior takes time and practice. 

Hypnosis can help many people compress the time and the effort of these changes into easier and more manageable bits–it’s a helping hand, not a miracle cure.

After a session, you’ll leave with homework to complete between appointments, plus a recording so that you can reference the work you’ve done for weeks to come.

Hypnosis works well for people who WANT to make changes in their lives and behaviors but have hit some kind of a roadblock along the way. Hypnosis can help you find the right puzzle pieces to keep moving forward and enhance your progress and consistency.

It’s completely safe to try out for yourself

You’ll only really know what hypnosis is like if you give it a go for yourself. And getting started is a breeze.  You can even get started with a guided practice on your own.  It can be good practice to get into the hypnotic state a few times before a 1:1 session.

Here is what a typical session might look like:  When I meet with a new client, we talk at length about their goals and desires, plus what they think may be holding them back from making progress.  We also discuss in great detail what they DO want their like to look and feel like after they make their desired change.

Then, we begin the session with a series of simple relaxation exercises and breathing techniques to get them into a calm and restful (but conscious) state.  At this time, we’ll explore your mind together–sometimes going into memories from early in your childhood, to events that have shaped you as you grew up, to present-day challenges you want to shift.

The end of the hypnosis experience is saved for integrating, absorbing and adopting the new, positive beliefs you DO want as well as the qualities and emotions you want to call into your life.  After the deep work in a hypnotic state, I gently bring my clients back to wakefulness, and we spend a few moments processing the session, plus outlining some steps or actions to work on in the following days and weeks.

Follow-up sessions are sometimes helpful and depend on the client’s goals and progress.

So, now that we’ve debunked several hypnosis myths, I hope you’ll consider reaching out to try a private session

Let me warmly invite you to continue learning about this transformational, gentle practice. You can easily contact me to schedule a consult if your curiosity gets the best of you. 

Happy “trancing,” everyone, and stay open to all the bright possibilities in your life!

Sara and Les

The Mindful Movement

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