Posted on Mar 30, 2022

After so much discussion about self-love and self-acceptance recently, it’s time to get down to brass tacks–how do we DO this thing, anyway?

I will link to all of the other free resources below, AND I highly recommend our self-led signature 6 week course:  Move & Meditate to make the commitment to building your love and acceptance through the combination of these two life changing practices. 

This course is for movement-curious meditation enthusiasts and those desiring more self-love to move beyond "damage control" into whole-body joy and fulfillment.

Now, to move you away from your stifling inner critic and invite in a NEW voice of acceptance and love, plus the actions to match. 

Here’s how that works:

  • First, even before any actionable steps or activities, meet yourself and your emotional experience with compassion and curiosity.  When emotion comes up and is met with judgement, it goes right back in to be recycled and likely keep showing up.  On the other hand, when emotion can come up and is met with love, acceptance, and compassion, it can move THROUGH and OUT of you.
  • Once that has been established, you can begin to uncover and bring into the light the critical messages that have plagued you or blocked you for years (or even decades.) This can be done through hypnosis and meditation–so that you feel calm, relaxed, and most of all SAFE as you let the shadowy voices come to light for your observance and examination.  Start with these free practices:
  • After uncovering some of the messages and patterns around the inner critic, you can look at how these messages began in your life (it’s usually in childhood or during pivotal events along the way), how they have become useful to you over the years (their role or perceived payoff), and why they are so hard to let go.
  • Finally, with compassion, and now understanding how the inner critic has served you all these years (after all, we don't do anything if there is no perceived payoff), you can begin to determine a new healthy way to get the same perceived payoff and release the critical messages one at a time.  It will take patience and practice to integrate these NEW skills and actions that replace self-doubt and self-criticism with more accepting and loving ways of being, AND it is possible.

I would love to support you through this process if you feel an inner critic is getting in the way of the self-love and acceptance that would give you the ease and freedom you desire in your life. Currently through May 15, 2022, I am offering 25% off hour long transformative coaching sessions, so schedule now!

And don't forget to check out our FREE self-love and self-acceptance resources below to get a taste for this deep and life-changing work. 

Take care and be well,


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