Posted on Apr 20, 2022

“Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens." –Louis Hay

So, I popped onto Netflix  this weekend and watched a fascinating documentary on mushrooms. And only part of the show was about the psychedelic kind–seriously, Funghi are weird, diverse, engaging, essential organisms in our world–I learned so much on a relaxing Sunday afternoon! 

But what I watched got me thinking about a regular meditation theme on our channel of self-love and self-acceptance (check out our entire playlist.)

The documentary creators highlighted several recent clinical studies happening with psilocybin mushrooms, PTSD, and the potential of the mushrooms to heal trauma in just a few supervised “trips.”

While the research is very promising, one woman in the trial pointed to the most poignant part of her “trip”: a feeling of supreme and unshakable love and acceptance from her Higher Power, and a lingering sense of that same love and acceptance within herself after the mushrooms wore off.

Which got me thinking about the work I do with meditation and hypnotherapy because I’ve had many clients share similar sentiments about the process of therapeutic hypnosis and regular meditation practice.

And it’s completely legal and drug-free, ha-ha.

While it’s helpful to be in a supervised and altered state of consciousness to speed the process, you CAN rewire your brain AWAY from your painful, hurtful, or critical inner dialog and begin being well, nicer to yourself in so many ways.

Hypnotherapy and meditation can do these things for you too–and they are both FREE to begin with The Mindful Movement.

Is altered consciousness safe?

Yes (that’s the short answer.) When you agree to relax and to be open to new ways of thinking or feeling–you enter into an altered consciousness–with or without chemical assistance. Mostly because it’s different than your “normal” consciousness. You don’t have to see visions or “hear” colors to experience those positive effects.  It is a paradigm shift; a change in the lens in which you see the world.

Meditation and hypnotherapy are two completely safe ways to open up your mind and shift your critical self-talk while learning WHERE those messages first became part of your psyche, plus HOW to gently move them out and replace them with feelings and actions of self-love and self-acceptance.

Getting help is paramount to lasting success

If you are intrigued and want to learn more about meditation and the state of "being," I recommend starting with our FREE 7-day Foundations of Meditation Course.  See what you can learn about yourself by simply  being with your present moment experience.  Let go of distractions; let go of expectations; let go of judgments.  And then comment below about what you find.

If you prefer to be "doing" something as you learn more about yourself, Hypnotherapy is an effective tool to further expand your ability to feel like you matter as much as all the people you love and care about unconditionally.

It’s so helpful and nurturing to have an experienced guide as you explore your long-held negative self-beliefs and whether they truly hold water, and I'd be honored to have the opportunity to hold a safe space for your exploration. 

Acceptance comes when you can STOP hating on yourself and get to the place where the “whole” of you is worthy, deserves space, to be seen, and to be treated with respect–no matter how much you feel you’ve messed up or missed the mark in your life.

If you’ve struggled with crippling self-criticism–the kind that never allows you to enjoy prosperity, relationships, or even your favorite activities, I hope you’ll invest in yourself by spending time exploring with curiosity and love using some of the resources I mentioned, or any other that serve you well.  

Remember, you can begin your self-acceptance journey for free with our self-acceptance meditation series.

I hope to connect soon and in the meanwhile, be good to YOU.


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