Posted on Dec 08, 2021

I adore watching my hypnotherapy clients transform before my eyes. Especially when art is involved. Helping my clients get their creations out into the world has a butterfly effect--it’s one of the most rewarding aspects of my practice. Can you relate to *Jane’s Powerful story? 

Jane had stayed home to raise her children while her husband went to work. She loved being a mom and enjoyed painting as a hobby. She was raising chickens and selling their eggs for a side income and thought life was good. 

When she came to see me, her children were grown and out of the house. Her husband had taken a job that required him to be out of town for 2 week stretches at a time with a week off in between. With all her new free time, she felt like she had lost her purpose in life.  

Jan felt unsettled, confused, and lacked the confidence to make a decision about what she wanted her next chapter looked like. She wanted to feel confident and fulfilled and very much wanted to make her marriage work.

She shared her need for a clean and organized physical home environment and mind space. Jane desired more than anything to build a successful art business selling her paintings.  She wanted a clear path forward for her business.

What she was *really* saying was that she was stuck in between her past and her future. She wanted a transformation that would allow her to feel confident and have clarity about her life.  

She had dreams of peace, happiness, high self-worth, and belief in her own abilities as an artist.  Jane’s story and goals were a perfect match for hypnotherapy. 

I knew that her first session would shed light on the events from her past that had instilled subconscious beliefs that were driving her undesired behaviors and keeping her stuck.

During the hypnotherapy and coaching session, I guided her subconscious to surface the cause of her lack of confidence.  We found it at age 3.  Her siblings pushed her out of their playtime by ignoring her, excluding her, and generally being mean to her. She felt hurt, lonely, unwanted. Even though this seemed like a simple and unthreatening event, it really stuck with her emotionally.

Jane began carrying the hurt, loneliness, and perceived unworthiness with her into every life event and relationship from age 3 onward. These emotions became her BELIEFS: “I am unlikeable and unwanted.”  And when triggered by an event that made her feel similar to the original event, her emotions, and therefor her reactions, were stuck at age 3.

These beliefs stayed with her through her adult life and colored the way she interacted with others and what she expected for her life. (This is totally human, by the way. We hold onto what we learn early in life, making it hard to even recognize those toxic self-beliefs later on!)

During the hypnotherapy session, we connected to her emotional, subconscious mind, and she was able to truly see that these beliefs were no longer relevant or true.  She could *finally* let go of them through a ceremonial releasing process so they could never negatively affect her again.  Then she had room to replace her beliefs with positive ones that would support the life she desired.

When we met again a few months after her session, Jane shared an amazing news!  

She had begun putting her dishes in the dishwasher instead of the sink which made her feel calm and free of clutter (a simple but profound change.)  She had organized her art studio and had updated her website.  

Because of these small shifts, Jane felt creative and free. She had painted more and started selling her work.  Jane had found her purpose plus a clear strategy for making her desires REAL--and she continues to expand into MORE creativity and focus in her “2nd act.” 

You can do the same thing with a private hypnotherapy session. If this story has you curious about what’s possible, learn more about how the process can help and whether we’re a fit to work together.  There’s no need to wait until the New Year, by the way. If you’ve read this far, you’re more ready for change than you think!

Let’s connect soon,

Sara and Les

The Mindful Movement

PS: *Jane’s name has been changed, but her story is absolutely real. When will YOUR powerful transformation story begin? Take the first step now!

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