Posted on Nov 11, 2020

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” ~ Maya Angelou

What is the active ingredient, or the catalyst that has supported a positive transformation in your life?

What Makes Change Possible?

In a recent article, I mentioned an approaching birthday ending in 0.  That day is getting closer and closer and for some reason, more than in the past, this birthday seems to be moving me towards a transformation of sorts.  As the date comes closer, it has me curious about what is the catalyst to change.  Change is inevitable.  Some change is desired and even welcomed, while other change doesn’t come easily at all.  I know sometimes I really crave change.

As humans, we all desire transformation, growth, betterment of some sort.  Yet for some, that desired transformation is out of reach.  So, what is missing for those desired transformations that simply don’t happen?

  • Is it will power?
  • Commitment?
  • Motivation?
  • Resources?
  • Habits?
  • Or does it possibly come down to your beliefs about yourself?

When you believe in your abilities, believe in your worth, believe that you are enough just as you are, the will power, commitment, motivation, resources, and habits come more easily.

This is important enough to rephrase because it needs to be heard again!  The catalyst to transformation is believing you are strong enough, confident enough, smart enough, [insert positive quality] enough to make the change you desire in your life!

“If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform a million realities.”  ~Maya Angelou

One of my transformation stories:

I have been teaching Pilates and other Mindful Movement methods for 16 years.  Over the years, I was on the endless search for more technical training.  I was looking for a change to improve my skills, to make me a better teacher.

I thought if I could just learn a new program, I would become an expert teacher, and could better help the students that practiced with me.  This cycle continued to repeat itself and each training never satisfied my goals for growth and change.  It was a cycle of “I’ll be the expert when I have the next training,” yet there is always a new training, a new method to learn.

Break The Cycle

In my 10th year of training, I went through an advanced Pilates training to prepare me to teach others to become Pilates Teachers.  This was also around the time I began to practice meditation.  These two changes together, I believe, have made a huge impact on my life.  Although, I don't think the training would have made the change for me without my meditation practice.

After this training, I was ready to begin teaching teachers…in theory.  So, I scheduled my trainings, students registered, and I prepared, studied, and practiced for as long as I could.  Of course, I was nervous and scared the night before I was scheduled to lead 1st teacher training.

Something amazing happened during this first teacher training I taught—A TRANSFORMATION OCCURRED! After all these years, I recognized that I was good at what I do.  I teach and help and mentor and more importantly…I believe in my abilities.  Teaching others opened my eyes and solidified my beliefs that I was enough.  This isn't to say I know everything there is to know about my career.  However, something shifted and I believed I had the skills I needed already within me.

The Catalyst for Transformation

I don’t say this to be arrogant or look for approval.  I say this to articulate that THIS is the catalyst to my transformation—my belief in myself! I was the same teacher and person I was the day before this training began, yet I was forever transformed.  I love that I had this experience and was able to recognize this active ingredient for me because I feel better equipped to help others make changes or transformations in their lives.

On a very regular basis, teachers in training ask me how I was able to get to this point, to be knowledgeable, or remember all of the exercises, or know how to work with a variety of different students.  My answer is always “Believe in yourself!”  You know what you know and it’s ok to admit you don’t know something.    This doesn't mean that it won't take hard work and commitment to make a transformation, that a magic wand will wave and everything will be perfect. However, with belief, you will more easily stick to that hard work and commitment because you know you deserve the transformation.

New Beginnings are a Blessing

Every new day, every new week, month, season, year, or period of transition is an opportunity for a new beginning.  Each of us has the choice to do something differently to get a different result.  If we mindlessly do the same thing we have always done, we will continue to get the same outcome.  It is a powerful realization when you understand you have the choice to make a change in your beliefs and therefore your actions.

The awareness and desire to awaken to this choice is the first step for a new beginning.  Awaken to the opportunity of this days new beginning.  Look within with curiosity and kindness to explore your beliefs and values.

Seek Guidance from Within

Trust the JourneyAs you begin to contemplate a change, think of it like a journey or a trip.  You may start by gathering information.  Perhaps ask advice from trusted people you know who have been on a similar journey or made a similar change.  Seek wise knowledge from an expert on the change.

After gathering information, perhaps you begin to form a plan, a road map of your journey ahead.  You may begin to visualize the path of this journey, set expectations of what you want the journey to be.

Once you begin the journey, you may realize all the collecting of information, planning, and developing expectations gave you a false sense of control over your experience.  You realize you must go with the flow, as they say.  Be flexible so you don’t break.  Recognizing that the only thing you really have control over is your response to an experience.  You can be present with each experience you have and enjoy it and respond in a way that you are mindful and aligned with your truest self.  Believe in yourself, believe in your journey!

In Summary, The Recipe for Transformations:

  • Recognize the old, outdated beliefs that are holding you back from changing
  • Make a choice to change and make a plan for this transformation
  • Let go of expectations of this plan and let go of the old beliefs
  • ACTIVE INGREDIENT FOR CHANGE: Replace old beliefs with new, positive beliefs about yourself
  • Hard work and commitment to your transformation

“Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs.  It’s a journey of discovery—there are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair.”  ~Rick Warren

What is the active ingredient, or the catalyst that has supported a positive transformation in your life?


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