Posted on Jul 28, 2021

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” – Mark Twain

What yearnings exist this week for the quietest part of you? What have you ALWAYS wanted to try, but felt you couldn’t because:

  • You’d feel or look silly?
  • You would surely fail?
  • A loved one would criticize you in fear or alarm?
  • It would mean temporary uncertainty, pain, or discomfort?
  • It’s something completely out of character for you?
  • People would think you’re nuts?

And if you had rock-solid confidence, which of those whispers and nudges would you have followed already?

Changing your life and walking a different path is certainly not easy. There are relationships, resources, logistics, and courage to consider. There are hurdles to climb---our dreams are never one hundred percent rainbows and unicorns once we begin to enact them.

And yet, a healthy dose of confidence is what many people need to see their once-secret yearnings through to reality--for when the going inevitably gets tough. 

Whether you want to try out a new fashion style, endeavor to earn more money (even it if means surpassing your partner's income), or even “come out” with a hidden aspect of yourself to your family and friends, you’ll need to flex your self-confrontation and support-requesting skills to come through with your self-worth intact. 

Try doing some (or A LOT) of the following before you leap:

  1. Make the commitment: and be willing and open to change the "so-called" labels and beliefs you hold about yourself.
  2. Research: what are the first, second, and third most crucial elements--as you see them--to taking the first steps in your new direction?
  3. Build your self-awareness: What fears, norms, and attitudes might you have to confront within yourself for you to continue along your new pathway, even when the route gets cloudy, slippery, or steep?
  4. Ask for help: What people, places, and things will you turn to when you need encouragement, education, affirmation, and strength to continue?

These four actions are the benchmarks of confidence-building. Confidence doesn’t happen in a vacuum and making mistakes and missteps are PART of building resilience and chutzpah when facing an intentional change of any kind. It’s essential to prepare yourself for the triumphs and the pitfalls, and how you’ll celebrate and accommodate both as you move into your different sort of life.

On July 31st, I’ll be leading a 2 hour online Hypnotherapy workshop that will empower you for 21-day self-hypnosis protocol. The workshop and the following 21 days will help you overcome the confidence blocks in your life (like those early self-critical beliefs.)

We would love to welcome you (and your imperfect, delightful, whole-person human-ness) into our circle of students enjoying renewed self-confidence in any situation.

Whatever you may be struggling with, know that you DO have the answers you seek inside. Sometimes it takes a helping hand and consistent practice to get past the “noise” of self-doubt, fear, or failure so you can finally hear the quiet knowing of your inner voice. 

It’s there for you. Let us help you find it, listen, and act, so you can enjoy the life you desire with unshakeable confidence.

Learn more and reserve your spot HERE. I’m excited to help you regain the confidence you desire and deserve so that you can feel comfortable in your skin, reach your goals with ease, and enjoy the fulfilling relationships you crave.

We begin this Saturday, and I’d love to invite you to use this wonderful hypnotherapy practice as ONE strength-lending, affirming resource as you navigate the life path you’ve always wanted to walk.  I hope you'll join us!

Sara and Les

The Mindful Movement

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