Posted on Sep 10, 2022

“Use the power of your conscious & subconscious mind to create a vibrational match for the abundance you desire and deserve.” ~Jack Canfield

You deserve all the love, health, wealth, happiness, and success you desire. How does that sit with you when you read this?

contemplationPerhaps logically, when you read this, you believe it.  It seems true.  However, emotionally, it may not feel true for you and may not align with your subconscious beliefs about yourself.

Try this: close your eyes, take a deep breath, hear those words in your mind, and sit with the feelings that come up for you.  “You deserve all the love, health, wealth, happiness, and success you desire.”

Let go of expectations of what *should* be true.  Let go of what you know from your past experiences. Do your best to surrender to the present moment without judgment.

  • Where in your body do you have sensations?
  • Does it feel tight?
  • Do you feel resistance anywhere?
  • Are there areas that feel open and expansive?

What Shows up is a Message

Quite often, when working with clients (and myself for a long time), resistance, tightness, and feelings of unworthiness come up when considering the truth of the above statement.  This response of resistance might show up for you about one aspect of your life and not for others, or possibly about any positive parts of life.  This resistance, no matter how big or small, is a signal to look more closely with curiosity and compassion about what's really under those feelings.

Have you ever found yourself thinking any of these?

  • Who am I to have a successful career?
  • What will my family, friends, community think if I am successful? Will they judge me?  Or reject me?
  • If I am successful, it will make someone else feel bad or diminish their success.
  • A deep, fulfilling, intimate relationship simply isn’t available to me.
  • Financial security and abundance are just not in the cards for me. I have no choice but to live paycheck to paycheck.
  • I’ll be happy when…(fill in your milestone)
  • I’ll never reach the level of success that this other person has.
  • Everyone else has it all together compared to me.
  • I am not worthy of what I desire.

If any of the above resonate with you, you are not alone!

you are not alone

There are many unconscious, limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in our habitual behaviors and make it difficult to make a permanent change.  We get comfortable being in relationships that don’t feel passionate, careers that are unfulfilling, unhealthy patterns with finances, and undesired behaviors that sabotage our health.

Our willpower to make a change, like a muscle, gets fatigued when overworked and those limiting beliefs take over and drive the car right back to the behavior we don’t want.  Then we feel guilty or like we are a failure.  And the cycle repeats, until…(wait for it), we change our beliefs that are driving our behaviors!

You are a Perfectly Imperfect Human (and so am I)

Having these limiting beliefs is part of being human, so what is it that creates them?   Experiences from our past have caused us to form beliefs about ourselves and these beliefs repeat over and over again in our lives.  These beliefs can live in our bodies for years, stopping us in our tracks with procrastination, self-sabotage, anxiety, depression, and physical health symptoms (like high blood pressure or gut issues that won’t let up.)

There may even be intrinsic memories, which are memories stored in our body that don't include the actual events or story.  Our relationship with our past, these intrinsic memories, and our limiting beliefs cause emotional triggers and can hit you without warning, causing you to repeat old, unwanted behaviors.

If you have experienced a repeating pattern with procrastination, you might ask yourself:

  • What’s behind this behavior?  Is it fear of failure?  Or fear of success? 
  • Is there something that procrastinating allows me to avoid? 
  • How could this behavior be benefitting you in some way?

When I say benefit, I mean emotionally, not logically.  Meaning, is it protecting you from failing if you never give yourself the opportunity to fail?

I talked about my own experience with feelings of not enough in this letter to the community. I shared this about my experience with the feeling of failure:

“After I had this initial gut reaction, I sat with my response.  Anytime I experience a strong emotion in response to a situation, I want to peel back the layers and understand what is behind this response.  I must ask myself, why am I feeling guilt and shame around this *perceived* failure, this situation where I feel like I have let down the community? What has truly triggered this feeling of not good enough (that I am so familiar with?) To be completely honest and open with you, this is a repeating pattern in my life, as I am sure it is with so many others.

Once I started practicing meditation and introspection, I understood myself more clearly and could more easily make these difficult decisions with confidence.”

Take the time to uncover the underlying belief holding you back from having all that you want and deserve.  And the beauty of having the understanding of your beliefs is that you have the power to release that belief.  Hear this one more time:

You have the power to change your beliefs once you understand what they are and why you have them!

“If you ever feel like you’re not good enough for something, it’s because you’re unaware of your own potential and your own value. And when you’re unaware of who you could be, you’re limited to who you think you are, to who people told you were, to who society tells you should be.” – Rania Naim

I don’t mean to be patronizing and say, “Just do it, what are you waiting for?”  I know by saying, “Simply change your beliefs,” it sounds easy, right?  It is a simple concept, AND it is not easy.  The mind needs repetition of new, positive beliefs and the clearing out of old, negative beliefs.  That takes time, patience, commitment, and compassion for yourself.

When you begin to make a change, it is crucial to have ongoing support to stay consistent.

Providing a solid, consistent foundation of positive beliefs upon which to build new behaviors is what I do well with clients and groups of students in my online courses. (I’ve had all kinds of practice at this in my own life through inevitable challenges and hurdles.)

To help you take the first step towards believing that you ABSOLUTELY deserve all that you desire, I’ve opened enrollment for our 6-week Move and Meditate online course and coaching program.

This course assists this first step of your transformation journey by:

  • Holding you gently accountable to your self-commitment for a clearer, calmer mind and a stronger, more balanced body
  • A toolbox of strategies to help you look curiously at your behaviors and belief
  • Providing fresh weekly material and live group coaching calls
  • Granting you access to a full year of the Members’ Oasis (ad-free meditations, live events, archived favorites, and more.)
  • Self-study through an online course you complete on your schedule

I invite you to dive deeper into what’s possible for you with continued self-awareness, self-value and setting yourself as your top priority (so that you can feel fully empowered to show up for others as you create the life you love.)

Enroll in 6 weeks of continued Movement and Meditation Support, Guidance, and Self-Care.  The calm, peace, and vitality you feel keep on expanding when you keep committing to yourself. I am thrilled to guide and support your transformational journey because I know well the good things that await you as you keep walking toward yourself.

Take care, everyone, and may you experience all that you desire!

With love and gratitude,


The Mindful Movement

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