Posted on Mar 20, 2024

"It is only when the mind is open and receptive that learning and seeing and change can occur." ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

How long have you been wondering about meditation? If you’ve seen us on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, you’ve heard us talk about the many positive feelings and mood shifts that come from even a 10-minute meditation. Although, it may seem hard to believe.

Perhaps you often think “I should meditate---everyone says it’s so wonderful. Maybe I could finally reduce my stress, calm my frazzled brain, or even *finally* get to sleep a little easier.” Yet, you don’t know where to begin.

While ALL those benefits CAN happen with a meditation practice (plus many more like self-confidence, better relationships, and decision-making clarity), we first have to make the consistent practice non-negotiable. In other words, you have to do the thing before you get the prize.

The expanded breathing space, calm, and confidence you feel only get more pronounced the more often you take part.

We offer so many (free) ways to prioritize your self-care simply because we believe that when even one person feels relaxed, guilt-free, and calm, the world benefits.  You can start with this week's new meditation practice, guiding you to come into stillness for stress relief in only 13 minutes.

Because when YOU know how to access that peaceful place whenever you want, the people around you can feel it too--like a butterfly effect. And this beautiful, compounding effect comes with practice, just as learning to play a difficult piece of music on the piano well comes with practice.

I have seen the struggle to commit to a new habit with clients and experienced this myself. Understanding the science and benefits of the practice as well as determining why you want to commit will help you stay committed when the barriers are presented, as they inevitably will. Additionally, having a guide and supportive community will nourish this beginning habit.

That’s why we’re reaching out to offer you a simple way to try out meditation (especially if you’ve been curious about how to begin but haven’t taken action yet.)

Our (free) 7-day Foundations of Meditation Course gives you a good-sized taste of what you can expect to experience as you build a healthy and fulfilling meditation habit.

With this simple and short course, you can discover if meditation is a good fit for you, how to weave some “you” time into your schedule and begin to feel results like (among many others):

  • Better, more renewing sleep
  • A quieter mind that doesn’t “spin” so much
  • Growing confidence in your decision-making
  • A deeper well of energy that feels refreshing, not frantic

Join us HERE and you’ll receive lifetime access to this value packed course to give you a deeper understanding of the foundations of meditation as well as a daily practice for the entire 7 days, all for FREE. Plus, a bonus practice on day 8.

I have been really enjoying the interaction with the students in this course and I hope to have the opportunity to interact with you as well!

Here is what one of the students said after completing the 7 days:

“This was an enlightening 7 day journey for me. Have listened to your meditation videos on YouTube for years on and off…One mistake-not listening regularly and fully understanding it’s benefits. After this experience I am feeling a sense of calm and understanding of meditation's importance in my life. I thank you for this and I plan to make this a daily part of my life now. This is something I’ve been needing for a very long time. Thank you so much for all you do!”


Join today HERE and start seeing the results in YOURSELF.

With the warmest welcome,

Sara and Les

The Mindful Movement