Posted on Dec 06, 2023

Movement and meditation go hand in hand. Here is a brief excerpt from a post I wrote last year called "Feel It To Heal It: Meditation Works Great With Movement":

Believe it or not, MOVEMENT is an essential tool for meditation–especially as a beginner.  Here are some of the benefits of pairing movement with meditation:

  • Mindful movement practices can help us get out of our heads (and our overthinking) and into our bodies.
  • Moving our bodies with bending, stretching, and gentle or more rigorous yoga pose sequencing can help our brains overcome the “noise” of everyday living and the fear of confronting big emotions when we finally slow down.
  • Moving around before sitting still can also help us strengthen our muscles to support comfortable posture for longer periods so that you CAN sit in relaxation, not pain.
  • Moving helps us align and focus our breathing–also an essential meditation tool.
  • Moving our bodies helps us accept our HUMANITY and imperfection–to get out of our logical, rational self get into the “felt” sense of ourselves.
  • Dropping into your physical body is where you relieve depression and anxiety symptoms, which you can do when you meditate as well.

Below are a selection of practices that combine movement and meditation. Enjoy!

Join Sara Raymond for this gentle stretch and meditation practice to focus on releasing both physical and emotional tension from your neck and shoulders. Stress can be a physically heavy burden to carry. And when you are able to release this layer of tension from your energetic and physical body, you can enjoy a peaceful, light, and free experience.


Join Sara for this feel good practice beginning with some self-massage and work to calm the nervous system. We will follow this with gentle stretching in order to prepare for our short meditation. This practice is gentle and would be appropriate for any time of day you need some calming self-care.


Join Sara for this 30 minute gentle stretching and meditation practice to get your day started feeling great physically and mentally. You deserve this time taking care of yourself so you can feel your best! Enjoy!


Join Les for this 30 minute practice to reset and replenish anytime you need it. In just a short time, you will move, stretch, breathe, an enjoy a short guided meditation that will help you feel great. This practice would be great first thing in the morning, as a mid day break, or right before bed. Enjoy! All you need is a mat and your willingness to make the time for your practice. Let us know how your practice goes.


Join Sara for this 20 minute nourishing seated breath and meditation practice to offer yourself self-care.


Join Les for this 30 Minute gentle practice of stretching, breathing, and Meditating! You will release any stiffness that may have developed overnight and set your energy for your day. This is a great way to start your day feeling amazing.


Join Les for this gentle practice of movement and breathing with Les! Open up the heart space and release any tension you may be feeling.


Join Sara Raymond for a 45-minute gentle movement and meditation practice. Start with a breath practice to ground and center. Move into gentle yoga to prepare your body for a deep self-inquiry meditation experience. Finish with gratitude and honoring yourself and the practice to enjoy peace and calm after the practice.


Join Les for his relaxing evening routine that will help you create a calm headspace before bed. He will lead you through some gentle mindful movement, breathwork and a meditation.


Join Les for this 30-minute practice to invigorate you first thing in the morning. In just a short time, you will move, stretch, breathe and enjoy a short guided meditation that will help you feel great. This practice would be great first thing in the morning for everyone.


Join Sara for a gentle and nourishing moving meditation practice for those times when you need to move a little. Moving meditation is a great way to connect with your body and get out of your head. If you find yourself overthinking or having difficulty knowing what you are feeling, this practice can be a great support.


If you have tightness, pain, or discomfort in your hips, this practice is for you. Les will guide you through some gentle movements and stretches to find ease in your hips. Build on this comfort with a breath and meditation practice as well.


Next time you prepare for your meditation practice, begin with a few minutes of explorative movement and simply do what feels good for you.