Posted on Apr 26, 2023

“What happens when people open their hearts? They get better.” –Haruki Murakami

There are no Quick Fixes in Healing or Change

Hey Friends. When you feel low and discouraged about the road you’re on, take a beat. Try putting the yardstick behind you for a second. See how far you’ve come instead of how far you have left to go. 

The road of recovery and healing (whether physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional) can be a long one.  It can also be one that zig-zags and is not straight.

Once we step up and ask for help getting the lives we want, the process can seem interminable, for sure. Believe it or not, the long journey is actually the point. Often when my clients embark on the “looking within” pathway, they learn that the results are secondary to the process. 

This is also a point of conversation during the monthly group coaching calls within the Member's Oasis.  The aim of the membership (and all of The Mindful Movement content) is to offer resources to help you discover the miracles that occur in both the profound and mundane corners of your life when you commit to the process of healing and change

But, does that mean I’ll just be “in process” forever?

Sort of, with a caveat. When you commit to the process of changing your brain, mind, thoughts, and beliefs, you ultimately discover the process of your life keeps getting better overall, even if it can also seem more challenging at times.

Though it’s not always easy to dive into yourself and excavate the events, messages, coping skills, and beliefs you carry around that may be harming you or holding you back, the good stuff you feel along the way is sooooooo worth it. 

Here’s what I mean. 

In a typical hypnotherapy session, I spend time getting to know my client’s history, goals, and intentions for their life in depth. Then, we begin the hypnotherapeutic session with deep relaxation and trust so that it feels safe for the many parts of you to come to the surface while you’re in a gentle hypnotic state.

(Where you still maintain full awareness of your values, boundaries, and choices, btw.) 

I would also add here that the trust and safety building process began even before we meet for the session using practice hypnosis recordings.

We engage those parts of you in dialog, memory, and curiosity—discovering WHY you carry the limiting beliefs you do, how those beliefs have helped you survive to the present moment, and how to shift into an inner relationship that serves you better NOW.

Clients leave a session like this often immediately feeling:

  • Lighter, like a weight is off their shoulders
  • Calmer and less anxious, like there is brain space where before there was only a jumble of stressful thoughts and feelings, like fear or anxiety.
  • Accepting—of many or all the events, behaviors, or experiences we discovered and let out of the mental basement. There is no judgment. It all just…is.

But then—because I create a custom hypnosis recording for the client—they follow the healing work from our session together with a daily practice of reinforcing the new positive beliefs and feelings so they are familiar and embodied.  They can go back for weeks, months or even years after our meeting to get more and more golden nuggets out of the recording as they continue to evolve.

Remember, It's about the Process

Change takes time, patience, grace, and commitment. Real change that sticks in your life amounts to thousands of tiny pivots toward your desired direction. 

There is no failure, only getting slightly off the most direct course available. And we ALL wander a bit off course as we work to live the lives we want to live, not the ones in which we feel trapped and stuck.

So what Happens in those Days, Weeks, and Months after a Session?

My clients report that they feel freer and more relaxed overall. That after practicing their new messaging and beliefs about themselves, they can:

  • Speak with clarity and confidence about what they want in their lives
  • Address conflicts courageously
  • Know exactly what to do in situations that used to baffle, confuse, or upset them
  • Allow their inner Healthy Adult to run the show instead of their relentless Inner Critic 

Of course, these milestones along the way require action on your part. And remembering to get back on the path when you step off into the thick brush from time to time. But the benchmarks DO happen inevitably when you keep walking the walk. 

Pretty soon, you stop looking for the ultimate destination and simply enjoy right where you are—because here and now are sooooo much better than they ever used to be!

Let me Walk with you as you Begin your Healing Process

Whether you’re a seasoned TMM follower or just encountering us for the first time, help is available right where you are. A good first step might be to work through our FREE New Beginnings Personal Retreat!  This program is a body, mind, and spirit approach to creating and actually achieving your goals.

If you feel ready for a deeper dive, learn more about and schedule your personalized transformative hypnotherapy session with me HERE.

Remember that you’re not broken. You have everything inside you to energetically and joyfully engage in a confidence-boosting, stress-relieving, abundance-welcoming process for the rest of your life.

And isn’t that where we’d all like to be anyway? There is no real destination, because you’re always becoming when you step onto this healing road. And it’s completely okay–even amazing, because each new version of yourself is often calmer, more knowledgeable, more confident, and more loving and accepting than the last!

I’m right here waiting with the map. Remember to click the link and find out more about how gentle, freeing, and uplifting hypnotherapy is with me.

Lots of love and gratitude,

Sara Raymond